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  1. after defeating Ogrekin wih his fourth ability (return to deck) in AD4.2 when die result is not equal to 1, the ogrekin returns to the location deck and game fully freezes not responding to anything. The only way to fix it it to restart the game few times until die result is 1, so ogre legally returned to the deck and the game continues. And even worse, then each time when you meet this Ogrekin in this location, you always have the same issue with him. Very annoying. Please fix it.
  2. Not sure that they will be able to do it - the whole history of last 4 months unfortuntately proved that they don't have QA at all, and focus all effort on development whistles to recieve some more money from us. Unfortunately it is killing this great game. First releases very much much more stable than current status of game
  3. Question mark and respective text shows that the achievement is not earned yet.
  4. This game is great, but it was really destroyed with huge delay with publishing of new adventures and the enormous number of bugs introduced in each new patch. Bugs are really killing the game (
  5. I have won all available adventures many times with different teams and on all levels of difficulty. But after patch 1.1.3 I has recieved all achievements apart from Case Closed.
  6. All gold (more that 12K) disappeared after patch 1.1.3. All other purchases (characters, adventures, etc) are ok. Any ideas how to restore the gold?
  7. Daily challenge doesn't work properly even after this update (wrote all details in tech support forum): are you going to fix it? It's a pity the this great game became really full of bugs with each new patch. There are dozens of pages in the forum with bugs description, some of them really critical that are not fixed for months.
  8. It's really weird. So you didn't have "defeat 3 henchmen" challenge at all?
  9. The new challenge appeared about 5pm my local time that means there are really issues with the time zones in Daily Challenges.
  10. The daily challenge was to defeat 3 henchmen without using any blessings. Ok, have started the adventure and killed about 5-6 henchman without using blessings at all. But when I finished the adventure: - I have not recieved any award - when I opened the daily challenge screen it showed the yesterday's daily challenge "beat the adventure ... with just Ezren" - when closed and open the app again it again shows the "defeat 3 henchmen" challenge WTF?
  11. It was broken in one of previous patches and still is not fixed: when during the adventure you open character screen to see the number of different types of cards that he can have in his deck (third tab - Cards list) - no numbers are shown that makes it useless.
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