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  1. None of these work-arounds are effective for me. Clearing the caches of Google Play Games and Google Play Services and launching from Google Play does not work. Dead in the water. Both Samsung Galaxy Edge 6+ and Galaxy Tab 2. Every release breaks more and more.
  2. Not sure that they will be able to do it - the whole history of last 4 months unfortuntately proved that they don't have QA at all, and focus all effort on development whistles to recieve some more money from us. Unfortunately it is killing this great game. First releases very much much more stable than current status of game I have to agree with you Yuri. Regression testing is non-existent here. And yes, they chose to focus on development efforts to expand their offering to a wider spectrum of users having mobile phones - even though it worked fine on my Galaxy Edge 6+ - instead of creati
  3. Guys, we need to get the QA under control. Can't tell you how many 15+ level characters I've lost, treasure chests that have disappeared, card or skill feats my characters have been robbed of... and games that have had to be forfeited because of missing GUI controls needed to progress the game. Most recently, as in a few min ago after the latest update, I had to forfeit a game because I was asked to discard a card but there were no options available to discard. This is happening too frequently now. And I know Im preaching to the choir to others here. Nothing new. But this is on a Galaxy Tab 2.
  4. Is there a new Android tablet that runs this app amazingly well? I'm returning my ASUS ZenPad 8 S that I bought before this came out. Yes, it runs horribly. What about the Galaxy S2, Shield Tablet or Nexus 9? I see that the Nexus 9 is listed as being tested externally, but how well does it run?
  5. Using a Galaxy Edge. Latest OS I bought a 10 pack of treasure chests just 4 hours prior to this post. Was unlocking them and was on the 3rd to last chest. The unlocking action hung for close to a minute. No other buttons would respond. The number of chests left in the top right hand corner shown 2 remaining. I selected the chest counter (upper right corner) to try and get back. When I selected the chest counter (that was showing 2 remaining). It dropped to 0. How do I file a request for those 2 chests?
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