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Can't Select Kyra's Dawnflower's Favorite





as the title says: I encountered a bug after beating Sandpoint Under Siege.


I can't select Kyra's Dawnflower's Favorite as my power feat.


Random facts about my gamestate, if that matters: My party consists of Acrobat Merisiel, Illusionist Ezren, Crusader Seelah, Weapon Master Valeros, Virtuoso Lem and Exorcist Kyra, who all have custom names by me. All adventures have been beaten in normal difficulty except for Brigandoom! which I've also beaten in heroic.


Kinda annoying, but I can survive until the next power feat reward by selecting Enemy Lore: Outsider.

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I guess my question is: for characters that are forced to take a power that wasn't part of the plan, but had to be taken becuase the planned power wasn't available, will there be a rebuild tool to put it right, or are we stuck going down the path we were forced on? (In some cases it may not matter as it just changes the order that the powers were selected, in other cases it may have triggered a fork in the build)

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