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  1. I commented on the previous thread, but yeah, this is still broken as of 1.1.5 (VER-696-20161110)
  2. Unfortunately this has been a problem since Adventure 4 was released: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89437-cant-select-kyras-dawnflowers-favorite/ Hopefully the fix is coming soon.
  3. This happened to me as well last night. Party of Ezren, Lem, and Kyra.
  4. I was playing in Story Mode with with Seelah, Harsk, and Sajan. I beat Here Comes the Flood (for the first time with these characters), but did not receive any allies. They were shown at the bottom of the Victory screen, but did not show up on the deck adjustment screen. I then beat Here Comes the Flood with Ezren, Lem, and Kyra (for the first time with these characters), and again did not receive any allies. VER-611-2016-0906
  5. Just hit the issue again and sent another email to support. The response was Good news/Bad News: Good News: They have a fix and it will be in the next Patch Bad News: The fix won't be retroactive. As in, you need to STOP PLAYING QUEST MODE RIGHT NOW, to avoid further screwage. Email excerpt below. Fortunately we are aware of the issue and have already fixed the issue on our end. The fix will go out in the next patch. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for this as it won't be retroactive. The only way to correct the issue is to make a new character and re-level them. Apologies for the inconvenience. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know. Thank you for your support and have a great weekend!
  6. Chiming in to say I also had this issue. Was playing with Merisiel and Kyra. Kyra died and then the Blessing stack ran out. Kyra got no XP, but Merisiel got hers and advanced to 10. It showed that she should get "Card Feat - Tier 1 Unlocked", but no actual reward was received. Played another match later and Kyra hit 10 and did receive her card feat.
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