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  1. Why do you think the game sucks on iPad? I've been playing on mine since release and thoroughly enjoyed the game. Would love a Quest mode back, but I've put hundreds of hours into it and had a blast!
  2. They have different game play mechanics as well. Some are more subtle than others, but they all have some changes.
  3. I think that is the likeliest summary of how things will work. Personally, I'm not against paying for a PC version of Pathfinder, but I can see how it is a little irksome to early adopters that they can't go cross-platform for free while the reverse is true for purchasers on GOG/Steam. However, my additional thoughts are: 1. The mobile version was stupendously generous in that it was truly a free-to-play app that didn't require any money or even forced ads reach the end. To unlock the game, you just had to play it a lot. 2. Going non-free will help the financial viability of the app
  4. The quote below is from Flounder on page one of this topic: "I'll go into more details in the upcoming blog but yes, everything you bought on the mobile will be available on PC once you merge/sync your PlayFab accounts."
  5. Unfortunately, it's highly doubtful they will do anything with Quest Mode as they will be removing it from the game with the next big update. I'm just trying to enjoy the mode while it lasts.
  6. Replaying Story Mode over and over is not very compelling for me. When Quest Mode is removed, I will most likely stop playing the game for the first time in almost a year. I'm very disappointed in this decision.
  7. I hope I will not be forced to update the game to as I would prefer NOT to update and continue playing Quest Mode. I have spent WAY more time with Quest Mode than Story Mode and it is the overwhelming reason I've played the game for 9+ months and put in hundreds of hours and continued to spend money. If Quest Mode is removed, I will most likely stop playing the game until there is major content added (a new Adventure Path, for instance) or Quest Mode is revamped and returned to the game. Playing through Story Mode a couple of times was fun, but more than that is not that compelling
  8. On the screen where you select difficulty level in Quest mode, go to "Manage Decks" button and you should be able to customize any non-experienced characters deck. I have had no problems with this.
  9. It appears that at least some of the "Before you act ..." abilities on bane cards that weren't functioning properly are working now (at least in Quest Mode).
  10. I am also experiencing this on my iPad 4 with the latest iOS and most recent Pathfinder Adventures update.
  11. I don't know the card specifically, but does it have the "divine" trait? If it doesn't, Kyra (the cleric) will have to banish it.
  12. Character progression is different for each mode. In story mode, characters progress by getting rewards for completing adventures and adventure decks. In Quest mode, characters progress by earning experience points and earn rewards by gaining levels.
  13. Pathfinder Adventures received this award on Pocket Tactics: http://www.pockettactics.com/news/readers-choice-game-of-the-year-2016-pathfinder-adventures/ Nice to see the game getting some accolades.
  14. Unfortunately, this is a known issue and breaks Quest Mode. Every level gain after ten, Characters incorrectly gain a Card Feat, which maxes out their Card Feats way too quickly and breaks character progression. The devs have stated that Quest Mode has been put on the back burner for the foreseeable future (and may be eliminated completely). Personally, I am incredibly disappointed in this development. I purchased the bundle on day one and have put hundreds of hours into the game, the vast majority in Quest Mode. As someone said earlier, "I came for Story Mode, but stayed for Quest Mode." If
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