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  1. So I backed PoE way back and after about 2 hours at launch, literally did not get back to it till a week ago. I am about halfway through and enjoying the story. However with an eye to my next run I am looking at various character builds to try out. Many of them point to 'find item X at location Y.' I just want to make sure, in just about all cases you cannot find specific gear (barring boss drops or quest rewards) because the game now has random loot correct?
  2. Argh! Apple strikes again. As of iOS 10, Game Center has been removed. While it sort of appears in settings..and it shows me logged in...no way to sync with any of my existing games. All the options and features of game center have been deleted. Now I have to forum hunt on Apple for a fix.
  3. I fired up the app on my ipad as before, it had been a while but I never deleted the app so I expected to find my saves there. The options are: START. Continue is grayed out. Are my collections (paid content) also gone? I had quite a bunch of purchased and saved chests I never opened. Where did they go? Where's my content and games please? How to access? I do not see the "connect" option that I believe accessed the servers in the past. Where did the saves get moved to? I never recieved any notifications of any pending changes.
  4. Select discard pile. Game shows cards. ALL ARE SELECTED. CANNOT: Select one. Select none. Drag. Move. The only valid button..is to skip getting the benefit. Note any time something bad happens, not ONCE has the game ever skipped it. Took screenshot. Cards are still there. Forum bug: added screen shot 3x forum won't add it.
  5. Combat check. Reveal Sling: 1d12 + 1d6. Recharge Archer: remove 1d12, remove 1d6. Replace with 2d4. Sorry not understanding what's going on here? Thanks!
  6. Yup that's pretty much it. And BTW it's actually 4/3. Not sure what's going on. Is there a way to 'ping' the server counter so it double checks? Thanks!
  7. That's pretty much it...still trying to win a second game at normal. After 50 games challenge won't advance so I decided to start a new character. (Especially since the bugs deleted my high level toons anyway) Well customize deck no longer does anything. All it does is show the same starter...period. No options to show all other basic cards available. Help please.
  8. First game. First card...Shadow. Second card...Shadow. Third card...Shadow. Fourth card...Shadow. Fifth card...oops she dead now. No way to customize her deck otherwise I'd drop Cure for a damage spell for a 1 in 15 chance of having a magic trait for when you run into the same monster 5 turns in a row. Customize deck no longer shows all common cards as it did before. It only shows the same crap set they start her with (all slashing vs. skeleton / magic only heavy decks)
  9. Challenge: "Win 2 Scenarios on Normal Difficulty." Okay I've won 10. (Had to play 50 games) Challenge shows 1/2. After spending all day trying to fix bugs and then dealing with the all the other crap...this is just icing on the cake.
  10. Settings is NOT selectable. NM did a full delete and reinstall. Utter joy at crap network speeds because iOS had redl the update again. Spend more time reporting bugs and trying to fix them for hours...for maybe a few minutes of play. Thanks for the help at least you folks monitor the forums.
  11. App store says "Open" Apps says out of date. Do not want to lose daily/weekly rewards when I am only one game short because app is bugged and cannot play.
  12. Now help pop ups always appear. These pop ups cannot be dismissed and NOTHING else is selectable. As I bought this game and already know how to play the pop-ups (tap here to look at a card) at not needed at best and game halting (because you can't do anything) at worst. How do you turn them off? Remember they appear the moment the game starts and nothing else is selectable. Not menus, setup, nothing. On another note: 10d8, 4d6: 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1....really?
  13. Encounter boss that generate Sinspawn (Erylium). Defeat Sinspawn. (2 checks) Game gets greeked graphics bug and a second Sinspawn is summoned. (2 more checks) Defeat Sinspawn. Game gets greeked graphics bug and a third Sinspawn is summoned. (2 more checks) Defeat Sinspawn. Game gets greeked graphics bug and a fourth Sinspawn is summoned. (2 more checks) All in the same location...all against the same lone character. Never managed to actually fight the boss. Any way to fix this? Did a reset, quit to main menu, view vault, etc...still same bug. Lost the hours worth of play...
  14. He always rolls 1 or 2 if I defeat him. The moment I get the 1,1,2,3 on 4 dice, then he rolls 6. This was the 8th fight for that single encounter. I cannot figure out a way to beat the RNG.
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