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Found 11 results

  1. General (For all issues) What platform are you on? What version of the OS are you running? Android 5.1.1 What model is the device? Sony Xperia Z1c What is your PFID#? 39BC381DBE8420F Gameplay Is pass & play on? Is permadeath on? No, no Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story mode Characters in Party? Kyra, Ezren, Merisiel, Seoni Location of each character? bug happens regardless of location of others; they may be on different locations or in the same as kyra Turn Order? bug happens regardless of turn order Scenario & Scenario Difficulty? This bug persisted on 2 normal and 5 Lege
  2. After finally slogging through AD6 with some horrific glitches on Into the Eye. My personal favourite was setting up Kyra to do the second battle on the final fight with Karzoug with discarding her weapon and throwing a load of blessings on it, went to play Swipe with Seoni and it wiped all my dice out, needless to say Kyra did not win the fight with her strength alone. The fourth or fifth time round my party finally beat Karzoug (there was much celebrating). Having completed the path I deleted the party and went to add my maxed characters to another party for some 6 player gold grinding.
  3. I've got a bit of an odd bug where when I try to either build a new party or manage a party in story mode, the game just crashes me back to the 'desktop' of my phone. It's been persistent through the past two updates - I'd hoped that one of those update/reinstalls would fix the issue, but no dice. Any ideas? The crash started happening right after I bought the updated Kyra, and I'm suspicious of that, as it occurred for the first time when I was trying to select her alternate-gear outfit, and then thereafter whenever I tried to play with that party, and whenever I tried a new party. A
  4. Kyra's Healer role card feat "Dawnflower's Favor" doesn't trigger propperly. I ticked the feat that lets her Recharge the Blessings of Sarenrae instead of Discarding them. When I play one, it Discards as always... no Recharge? Did i miss something...? Edit: After a few tries it seems to work as intended. My bad.
  5. Playing Quest mode, I pulled Skeleton Horde. Kyra's at bat. Kills it with her +2 hammer. She's just unlocked Roles, chosen Exorcist, and picked the ability to heal a random card whenever she kills undead. Options come up on screen: heal or continue. The Skeleton card appears on top of the location deck. Regardless of my choice, the interface freezes - nothing, including the settings button, responds. Have to force stop program to get back to menu, but if I try to continue I wind up right back at the heal-or-continue buttons, with the same behavior. Backed up my save and reinstalled - same acti
  6. Hey, as the title says: I encountered a bug after beating Sandpoint Under Siege. I can't select Kyra's Dawnflower's Favorite as my power feat. Random facts about my gamestate, if that matters: My party consists of Acrobat Merisiel, Illusionist Ezren, Crusader Seelah, Weapon Master Valeros, Virtuoso Lem and Exorcist Kyra, who all have custom names by me. All adventures have been beaten in normal difficulty except for Brigandoom! which I've also beaten in heroic. Kinda annoying, but I can survive until the next power feat reward by selecting Enemy Lore: Outsider.
  7. Quest Mode, Valeros, Kyra, and Lini. Tier 1 (all level 10). Normal mode. Scenario power: Everyone at an open location faces an Ancient Skeleton when someone encounters a henchman. Academy is the last location open (though this also occurred when it wasn't). When Erylium is encountered, she spawns a Wrathful Sinspawn. Its Wisdom check and combat proceed normally, but upon defeat another one spawns in its place. Sometimes, Erylium's text also covers the active monster card. After defeating the second Wrathful, whose Wisdom check and combat also proceed normally, I am given Academy's
  8. Device: Hudl 2 OS: Android 5.1 Pass&Play: OFF Permadeath: OFF Mode: Story Party Members: Merisiel, Kyra Turn Order: Merisiel, Kyra Scenario: Into the Mountains Difficulty: Highest Trigger: Use Kyra's Improved Heal I noticed that Kyra's Improved Heal wasn't showing the animation for cards flying from her discard pile to get deck, then I realised that the number of cards in her deck wasn't increasing - so the heal had no effect other than to discard a card with the Devine trait. This doesn't happen all the time, so something must be the trigger. I think that the trigg
  9. I was playing Into the Mountains on heroic with Kyra, Val, Lini, and Senoi and was trying to use Kyra's power to heal people up and it didn't work. I have 1 additional point invested in the power to heal for d4 +2. Twice I discarded Blessing of Sarenrae to use the power to heal and both times I received no cards from my discard pile to my character's deck. I believe I healed Kyra both times with it. I also have the Dawnflower's Favor power which might have caused the power to not work. I haven't had any issues with it on other scenarios. On a related note, I used the staff of healing on Se
  10. So just had an encounter with a spectre Kyra just wisdomed it up Pretty sure i won as i took no damage, but the spectre got shuffled into deck and kyra got moved to random location? So I seem to recall that enemy lore properly added magic before i got the role.... Anyone else notice this? Edit.... So ran into a spectre again and can confirm enemy lore undead no longer seems to add magic trait for healer kyra
  11. Just downloaded this for my Android device. First off - I love it! Great implementation. However, there is one bug that has made this game unplayable for me since it is becoming more and more frequent. This is what happens: I choose what cards I will use for my roll on a combat check, I roll the die, and even if I succeed at the check I still fail and take damage. I first noticed an instance where I missed the check by 2, recharged chain-mail (reduce damage by 2), but still had to discard 1 card for damage. I started to pay more attention, and these are two more instances where t
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