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  1. Played all the way through 4.5 with no problems with the duplicate party Original party still freezes once you hit start after the level select
  2. Possible work around Start a new party with the same characters Would hang up when i tried selecting a level to play on story mode, after a couple experiments i tried that and and could play fine
  3. I have issues with it so e times.... Usually undiscarding or displaying and redoing it brings evrything back. Note: dont push X thats just asking for trouble Just physically take the card from wherever it is put in back in hand and redo action Annoying but atkeast you get your dice back
  4. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87386-issue-with-inspired-dexterity/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87237-meri-inspired-dexterity-resetting-encounters/ Hasnt been officially acknowledged by the devs yet
  5. Think it has more to do with how you aquire it.... Unless your saying they should add it to the skill screen after aquiring it with a power feat....... Then i totally agree with you.
  6. Its been acknowledged already http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87358-into-the-mountain-bug/
  7. For the inspired dex problem its easy, just have meri use a blessing that modifies someone elses dex based roll and bam your screwed What power did you give ezren?
  8. Check lini's completion to make sure she has finished all adventures of scenario If she died in one she wouldnt of gotten completion for it, and there for wouldnt complete the scenerio as all adventures arent complet
  9. Has a dev acknowledged any of the inspired dex threads yet... Or are we going to choose one to keep bumping till it is?
  10. As far as i can tell it only gets the melee bonus (+3) not the skill feats you picked up http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87242-valeross-close-quarters-power-missing-skill-feats/
  11. Will also trigger on the wild card that causes you to bury spell, blessing. Gave up playing 3-5 on legendary as my party gets wiped out constantly
  12. So just had an encounter with a spectre Kyra just wisdomed it up Pretty sure i won as i took no damage, but the spectre got shuffled into deck and kyra got moved to random location? So I seem to recall that enemy lore properly added magic before i got the role.... Anyone else notice this? Edit.... So ran into a spectre again and can confirm enemy lore undead no longer seems to add magic trait for healer kyra
  13. So Far i have only found it occuring when meri uses any blessing to affect another characters dex based check So who did you use the lamashtu on
  14. 2 characters at garrison 'A' encounter yeth hound and summons 'B' rolls wisdom check, A rolls wisodm check, A fights Then A rolls wisdom check, B rolls wisdom check, A fights again...? I assume it has something to do with the fact that the yeth hound made everyone roll a check before you act, then defaults to current players turn to figure out who is making the check to defeat instead of the chracter who summoned it....... Anyways have fun with the code on that one
  15. When using the close quarter power any skill feats in strength seem to be ignored You get the 1d10+3 for melee and that seems to be it Was using the Frost long bow and it went from 1d8+1d10+1 to 2d10+4 Which completely ignores the fact that strength is now 1d10+4(+3 melee)
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