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  1. Playing on Android phone, scenario 6-4 assault on the pinacle I encounter a zombie nest barrier with two characters in the region. 1) Fist character defeat the zombie, get to chose the bonus reward as per the scenario rules for defeating a bane (the summining zombie I suppose in this case) 2) The second character (the one whose turn it is) alsso defeat his own zombie, get to chose the reward 3) after chosing this second reward I see the last zombie card be banished, and then the game don't let me do anything else, I can switch the focus to any character, look at my cards and so on, b
  2. Android version. I tried to buy the bundle twice without success (each time it was stuck after the paiement confirmation, waiting for the bundle to be added) I gor the Google confirmation of the purchase each time, but I never got the bundle, and now that I have restarted the game the bundle does not appear in the shop (and I still didn't get the chests and other stuff) My account is PFID-406FA445AB4151A8 Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  3. I had many different bugs with ogrekin and the +1D4 difficulty scenario wildcard. First, there is a more general bug with increased difficulties that are resetted when there is a precombat effect like the ogrekin roll. Second, I'm not sure what trigger it but sometimes (not always) I do get the double ogrekin roll like shown in the original post. The game seems to add the result of the two d4 to get the effective effect, and if the total of the 2d4 happens to be more that 4, then instead of replacing the ogrekin original card with the one with the rolled effect, the ogrkin is remov
  4. So we have at least 2 different players that posted that the bug was indeed fixed in the 1.3.5 patch, rather a good new.
  5. Maybe the bug was the display of needing 18 allies to win the scenario ? The reward of 50 seems to imply a group of only one character, in which case there would be less allies needed to win the scenario.
  6. I can understand removing your existing parties in story and/or quest mode to start new ones fresh, but why would you want to also remove your gold or purchases ?
  7. About the level 30 reward bug in quest mode, when the previous 1.3.1 patch was released a dev mentionned that the fix was available, but later corrected that it was in fact fixed in their own internal version but seemed to have been fixed to late to be in the 1.3.1 patch. I suppose that due to this confusion, it's possible that the bug was added to some internal bug track system while it was in fact already fixed or something similar, explaining why some devs might have been thinking that it was still open. The fact that Nug mention above that the bug is indeed fixed for his party reas
  8. Version numbers seems to be related to the deck number, AD3 was released with patch 1.3.0 and I expect that AD4 will be version 1.4.0 1.3.5 is simply lots of bug fixes plus some nice new cards added to the treasure chests. Of course it would have been good to get the new AD, but if they are not ready and it's still too buggy I prefer that they delay it so we reduce the chances to get really bad bugs (especially those that can force your to delete a character or a party when the fix that came later is not retroactive). And as there are still too many important bugs in the current ve
  9. A dev already said a while ago that they had a fix that should be available in the next patch. However the fix will probably not be retroactive, so if you haven't selected your reward yet, qui the quest mode for now and wait for the patch (the next time that you go in quest mode it should contiune back at the start of the reward screen)
  10. i'm pretty sure the difficulty of quest mode depends on the level of your character so if your character are level 10, you use adventure deck 1, and if your character are level 20, you use adventure deck 2 and so on Yes, but the thing is that some cards have a different effective tier in quest mode that their original deck number, it has been said that some of the more powerful cards have been put in higher tier, and I suppose that the reverse is possible, explaining the case of the cold resistance armor that is supposed to be in Deck 4 but was found before Tier 4 In other words : -
  11. Myself I found about it thanks to someone who posted a message on the offer.
  12. They did just post something and it looks like the new patch does NOT contain AD4. The fact that its version is 1.3.5 and not 1.4 is also a rather telling sign. More seriously, I'm fine that they delay AD4 as long as we get a bug fix first for the more blocking bugs (like the wrong reward for quest level 30, this one has stopped me from playing quest mode until it is fixed), and the coming 1.3.5 patch should be that with a bonus of some new treasure cards, so yeah I suppose !
  13. Did i miss something about the bounty of norgober ? It's the only one that seems to be stricly *inferior* to the basic blessing, as the blessing of norgober gives 2 dice to acquire any boon. Or is it maybe that the bounties are supposed to be weaker on average that the corresponding blessing, and mainly used to increase the number of blessing of the corresponding god to allow for more recharge ?
  14. Cards that i don't really need or want, even as temporary bug during a game, I usually salave all except for one for the collection Cards that I want to get more off, I don't salage any until i've gotten all that I needed, then I salave the excess (beware of not salvaging under the number of cards that your character have in their decks), and sometimes I keep a few additionals. Cards that Are generally good, but I don't want to keep in my decks (maybe because I don't have a slot available for them or because they are consumable that you banish after use), I will usually keep a pair of
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