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  1. Also, we need Chuffy and Mogmurch. We need them. Ok, I need them.
  2. I happen to rather like Tontelizi, and think he'd be more effective than in the card game because of all the polearms available in treasure. I expect it to be Flenta though as she's just a bundle of fun. It should be Reta Bigbad from Goblins Fight as she's technically a sort of fighter and because goblins.
  3. Interesting - it has now shown up (at least on Android). Must have just been impatience at my end!
  4. Thanks for the prompt reply! Does that also apply to the Goblin Golem?
  5. Just upgraded through the Ambassador Programme and whilst I seem to have everything else, I don't seem to have the promos. Not sure if the Pillars promos are ready yet (be nice to see Eder again mind), but I know the Golem exists (even if I don't have it). Am I doing something wrong?
  6. I can understand why this has been done, but can't say I'm happy with it. I have been carefully curating my treasure cards so they don't show up all the time and now I have a stack of them - I'd like the option of being able to say 'actually, I'd like less of these cards than the maximum allowed. I mean, I like me an Orb of Ice, but not when it's the only Item I ever flippin' draw.
  7. *bites lip* I seem to have acquired some treasure rewards I haven't earned. I have an unreasonable number of Red Dice sets (no biggie, but not completely sure what I am supposed to do with 24 sets), I've got a whole bunch of the Edge dice (about 12 extra sets apiece) and most egregiously of all I have a set of Nathan's Tribute dice that I must have earned just for being awesome (which I am, to be fair), rather than for getting any Quest Mode characters to level 25, which I didn't do on account of just generally being rubbish at Quest Mode (but still totally deserving the dice). Also I
  8. I thought this had initially happened to me but then found that a new PFID had been created that had all my PC content on (and some of my tablet content). I merged the two IDS and everything appeared on both devices. It could well be that this is the issue on some of these cases.
  9. I'm not mad. Frankly I don't see why anyone should expect to get a free game on a completely different platform simply because they have it on another. You have the game already, and a lot of the free stuff in the Ambassador Programme are things you would normally have to pay for. Getting parts of the Goblin campaign to boot? Pretty decent deal. Now, if you have been a vigorous member of the community and actively helped the devs to improve the game, I think there is a case that folks in that position might be entitled to hope for a little reward if they think in a very transactional
  10. Same here. I'll just kick it old-school without all the extra cards, as nature (well, Lone Shark) intended - not exactly a hardship!
  11. Whiskey? This I would call a overkill Can't say he doesn't deserve it!
  12. Take note that Augury allow you to look only at your current location while Scrying allow you to look at ANY location... which is a huge difference. One that justify higher checks... They are both amongst the very best spells in the game, but Scrying is significantly better.
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