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  1. Just bought and opened another treasure chest today. Found there new (like, absolutely new - there aren't even any place in Gallery for it) legendary blessing. And, considering, that it isn't mentioned in the gallery, I'm concerned. Will that become a new (even if rare) bug, where we will recieve non-released yet content in treasure chests? And, that blessing was with "add 2 dice for check to defeat villian or henchman"-type Prayer (there was creepy-looking chalice for the art, and i don't really remember which god it was, but most likely Rovagug)
  2. So, i finally bought The Hook Mountain Massacre. And as usual, i had gone to vault, to see new cards. And guess what i had seen? I had seen Scrying spell, which has EXACTLY the same effect as Augury spell, BUT much (MUCH!) worse checks for both acquiring and recharging it: Augury have checks Int/Wis/Arc/Div 6 to acquire and Arc/Div 8 checks for recharge, while Scrying have Int/Arc 10 or Wis/Div 12 to acquire and Arc/Div 12 to recharge. WTF?! Normally, in later decks spells are BETTER in their functionality (while, yes, they are harder to check), but here this spell have SAME functionality with worse checks. IMHO it should be counted as bug, and Scrying should be modified to have either more cards checked, or to have additional modifier for checks (for cards, which are set aside)
  3. The card is added automatically. Go to gallery and you will see 2 new Rooster ally cards in your P-deck
  4. Don't know if it is a bug, or normal, but... Well, i haven't bought 2nd adventure pack (Skinsaw Murders) yet, but today in Quest mode i had met henchman-type banes from it. There weren't anything else from that adventure (neither other banes, nor boons) just those Skinsaw Cultist (if i remember their name right), but it still made me wonder if it is a bug, or just rare happenning.
  5. Its all good, and everything, but we don't have that yet (i mean both Alchemist class hero and later adventures). After all, we do play MOBILE version of Pathfinders, not a tabletop one.
  6. Shovel and both Doctrines mentioned (why them though? those Doctrines are rares, not legendaries)
  7. Hey guys, have fished out this card from treasure chest, and now I am completely confused. Either I missed something, or one part of it is almost useless, because I haven't found any character, who can use its third ability. It reads like this: "If proficient with light armors, bury this card to reduce all damage dealt to you by 5; you may succeed at a Craft 9 check to recharge it instead." While the first part of this ability is easily understandable, what I don't understand is the second part: "recarge with a Craft check" one. Is it mistake or is it groundwork for future characters? Because, as far as I know, there is no character having BOTH Craft skill and Light Armor Proficiency power at the same time. Which means that that check would be a 1d4. So to succeed it you need to use AT LEAST 2 dice with +1 modifier, or 3+ dices (thus either use some blessings, or some other check-boosting cards). Ok, you can also use Lem's skill, or something else, but still... Isn't it a bit too heavy? Why not 7 or 8 at least? Or even remove that bit about check completely and just leave that to strait-up burying?
  8. Well, they do. But not as you think. This is not a troubleshooting per se, this is a gathering of bugs, which later are fixed via updates. P.S. About Harpy Monk... The trouble with them should have been rectified with this update (patch
  9. There was an answer (temporary) to quest bug in other thread: you need re-install app, then last quest resets. And you would need to either delete high-level chars (15+), or simply not use them, so the bug is not triggered again. As I said - it is a temporary solution, but solution nonetheless. P.S. Theoretically speaking, harpy monk bug should be resetted as well, but don't know if it will be, and anyway it will be only till the next one.
  10. Have you tried to manually press "next turn" button? Because it seems, like game sees some kind of possible action. Like "After closing" action (which may not display automatically)
  11. Err, Enchanter is not the only one. Goblin Pyro is the same, at least. And he too should deal Fire damage, so it may be Fire damage-only related issue, and not ANY "after you act" damage
  12. Just met with a bug. At the encounter with Henchman Orik Vancaskerkin, after defeating Orik, he asks for Charisma check for additional boon drop. If that check is failed - game stuck. As far as I understand, you just should attempt to close location, no matter if that check is successful or failed. More info: after failed check he asks for another roll, but there aren't any dices. If you use blessing at that point - you recieve dice (which should have been additional one), so it's not a complete lockdown.
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