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Found 3 results

  1. Update is currently in review and should be out soon (barring approvals)! But what's in this update? Glad you asked! NEW We have a couple of awesome new features we're bringing to Pathfinder Adventures that we can't wait for you to get your hands on! Dice Skins Dice skins are now available in game! You have a chance of acquiring them from treasure chests and can hold a maximum of 6 copies of each skin. Dice Skins have several recolors, and some have special visual effects. Dice Skins are equipped on characters. When you acquire more than 6 instances of the same Dice Skin, it will be automatically salvaged for gold. Dice limits are on a party basis - so dice equipped in Party 1 are available for characters in Party 2. You can view the new Dice Skins in the Gallery. You can only equip new skins on characters from the Character Selection page. Expand the ellipsis (...) next to the character and select dice to be taken to the dice equip screen. Daily Challenges Daily Challenges are now available! Once a day, a new challenge will be available for you to complete for bonus gold. The current Daily Challenge can be viewed on the Main Screen. A popup will appear showing your total progress whenever you complete a step toward the goal. Rewards are granted instantly upon completion. Daily Challenges reset every day at 5pm, PST. Make sure you complete it before then! Now to get on to the rest of the fixes starting of course, with our Top Community Issues! TOP COMMUNITY ISSUES As always, these are issues you have all helped to bring to our attention here on our forums. We can't thank you enough for your feedback on the game! These 3 issues have been the most discussed here and these, along with many more, will be fixed when goes live! Quest Mode: A fix has been implemented for a rare issue that could make a story mode save load when trying to load quest mode. This fix does not resolve existing issues with the saves. Quest Mode: An issue where the game would lock up when acquiring a spell reward has been resolved. People experiencing this issue should now be able to proceed normally. Store: Characters: You can now properly view character powers in the store's "see more" section. OTHER FIXES And now for the rest of the fixes we've addressed in this patch, broken down by type! Progression Breaks Goblin Warchanter: Fixed a progression break that could occur if a display spell was played during the wisdom roll. Story Mode: Crow Bait: Fixed a progression break that could occur if taking damage from a summoned monster when the Blood in the Sand wildcard is active. Tutorial: Fixed some issues that could prevent loading a tutorial save. Quest Mode: Fixed some issues that caused progression breaks, including one that could occur if Warrens was the last open location. Tickwood Boar: Fixed a rare progression break caused by the Tickwood Boar's BYA check. Brodert Quink: A progression break that could occur when played after an encounter has been resolved. Cards Brooch of Shielding: Can now correctly be recharged for non-combat damage. Flasks: Dice now correctly only apply to characters at the current location. Medusa Mask: Can no longer be used on the Donkey Rat's summon. Gale Armor: You can now properly recharge other magic armors after using Gale Armor's end of turn power. Giantbane Battleaxe +1: Now properly adds a d10 when used against Giants. Graul Ogrekin Henchmen: Text issues with the auto roll power fixed. Mail of Escape: Can now be recharged at the end of turn when in discard phase. Poog of Zarongel: No longer plays the banish animation when buried. Skull Ripper: Now properly restricts wands. Strength: Card art has been updated. Superior Leather Armor: Damage is now mitigated correctly when using recharge/bury powers. Character Ezren: Expanded spellbook now properly activates from Display cards. Lem: Loot now properly adds to his hand when selected as his favored card. Sajan: Reload now properly recharges discarded bows. Seelah: Fixed a minor visual issue that made the helper glows disappear when using Inspired Grace. Valeros: Weapon Supremacy now properly applys to ranged discards used to aid another's check. Gameplay Rules: If a non proficient character plays a display spell on the final turn of the scenario, the spell is now properly banished. Rules: You should no longer be able to play two cards of the same type on the same check (unless they state otherwise). General Cards: Contextual Buttons that show when zooming in on a card now appear in more instances (such as being forced to bury a card from discard). Crow Bait: Fixed an issue where the Scout's BYA power could trigger the scenario power. Locations General Store: Fixed an issue that could grant extra items to the location when closed. Turtleback Ferry: At Location power now works in Here Comes the Flood. Farmhouse: Off-turn characters playing allies to aid a check at the Farmhouse no longer get their allies buried. Shimmerglens: Now properly allows you to choose to not reset your hand. Permadeth Fixed an issue where dead characters could be used in new parties. Quest Mode Character Icons on Character Selection will now show the current level of the character. Store Treasure: Some additional fixes have been made to prevent the chest opening animation from breaking. Gold: Updated description of Daily Gold to better clarify how it works. UI Audio Sliders: An issue making it difficult to move the sliders has been resolved Character Sheet: UI issue that sometimes occurred when a character had +4 to a skill has been fixed. Legendary Difficulty: Lines should now better behave when moving around the map Locations: You can now zoom in on cards that summon others (Skeleton Horde, Goblin Raid, Zombie Nest, etc) Rewards: You can now zoom in on awarded cards As always, please share your feedback here on our forum. We welcome all of it! If you find any issues while playing, let us know in our Technical Support Forum! Also, if you haven't done so yet and have an opinion about the game, don't forget to rate it on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Your reviews and feedback help us out greatly!
  2. Hello, everyone! We're hard at work at getting a new patch out to you as soon as we can. We ran into a couple of issues on the way to get it out of the proverbial door (as some may say), but rest assured we're doing our best to get it to you as soon as possible! That said, we're super excited to bring to you a patch that gives a few new things and also a host of bug fixes! Is the hype real? Oh yes it is! First up, what's new in this patch? New - Additional boosters! Over 30 new boosters have been added! - Card frames are now color coded to make it easier to tell rarities apart! Legendary - Gold (unchaged) Epic - Changed from Silver to Purple Rare - Changed from Silver to Blue Uncommon - Copper (unchanged) - Free chest changes. Previously players would gain a free chest upon their first successful login. This has been changed to be granted after the first successful completion of Brigandoom! - Gold now scales based on party size and difficulty in Quest Mode and Story Mode Legendary scenarios. Story Mode - A single character completing Legendary now earns 50 gold. A full party will gain 300 gold. A popup will come up when selecting the difficulty for a scenario that will breakdown how much gold is awarded for the base scenario, how much is added for party size and the total. Quest Mode - A single character will gain 50 (normal), 75 (heroic), 100 (legendary) gold. A full party will gain 150 (normal), 200 (heroic), 250 (legendary) gold. In the scenario reward, the gold breakdown will be displayed showing base reward from difficulty, party size and the total. - Party Information Expanded Additional information has been added to the New Party/Party Load screen. Before, you'd only see the characters, scenario, and deck the characters were in. Now, difficulty and game settings (Pass & Play, Permadeath) will also be noted. PLEASE NOTE: Existing parties with Permadeath on will not show this tag - you will need to reform the party to see it. - Store Treasure and Gold pages revamped. - Deals for treasure chests have changed. Ten chests no longer grants a bonus chest; price unchanged. Forty Chests upped to Fifty Chests; Bonus chests no longer included. Price unchanged. Holy cats that's a good deal of new stuff! But wait, there's more! That's right! We got some bug fixes for you! Top Community Issues These are issues you have all helped to bring to our attention. We can't thank you enough for your feedback on the game! These issues have been the most discussed here on the forum and these, along with many more, will be fixed when goes live! - Progression Breaks Augury: Fixed a progression break when you cancelled Augury. Character: Harsk: Gaining Reconnaissance, Track and Survivalist no longer causes a progression break. Location Close: Fixed a progression break when you cancelled a close attempt at a location that required a Banish. Location Close: A crash that occurred when rolling for items/weapons at the General Store/Goblin Fortress has been resolved. Location: Warrens: Fixed a progression break when force closing the app during the villain cutscene. Loot Rewards: Fixed a possible progression break when acquiring Loot rewards if a character in the party had already acquired the rewards in a previous instance. Story Mode: A Progression break when Magga would eat the last card, causing you to lose is fixed. Quest Mode: A Progression break is fixed when encountering Goblins at the Shrine to Lamashtu when the Goblin Difficulty Increase power is active. Quest Mode: A Progression break when Encountering Rogors Craesby with the Summon Ancient Skeletons on Undead Encounter power is fixed. - Login Issues Resolved an issue where users could not be registered as logged in with Google Play Games. Again, we really can't thank you all enough for your feedback and help in making Pathfinder Adventures and even better experience! But... we're not finished, yet! Way! Here are some more other fixes the team has put in, broken down by type! Other Fixes - Progression Breaks Tutorial: Fixed a progression break that could occur in the tutorial if messages with confirmation windows were clobbered. - Audio Haunt Cutscenes in Foul Misgivings now have unique audio. Dogslicer now has unique audio when rolling 1s. - Cards Barl Breakbones: The ghosts of characters defeated by Barl's first check no longer hang around to fight the second check. Blessing of Zarongel: Now has the Zarongel trait. Cape of Escape: Now correctly usable outside of an encounter. Goblin Warchanter, Hags: Before You Act text has been rewritten to better communicate the implementation of the cards. Impaler of Thorns: Now correctly penalizes non-proficient characters. Orb of Firestorm (Booster): Fixed an issue where you could discard it instead of burying it. Rat Swarm: No longer shuffles into the deck when summoned and not beaten by 12 or more. Wand of Scorching Ray: Now correctly has the Arcane and Attack traits. - Card Selection (aka, Deck Management) Loot: Fixed an issue where Loot cards wouldn't always show under the correct filters. - Character Kyra: Using Heal then a location's exploration power no longer renders her unable to explore. Kyra: Incorporeal monsters can now be properly defeated with Enemy Lore: Undead. - General Skill Panel: Combat is now split into Melee and Strength and can be chosen at will. There are some outstanding functionality issues. Into the Mountains: No longer incorrectly deals damage when the Full Packs of Painful Memories wildcards are in play and activate. Characters: You can now have a maximum of 24 experienced characters in each mode, up from 20. - Gold Daily gold: Fixed an issue when Daily gold wouldn't remove itself after the timer expired. - Pass & Play Fixed a possible progression break if an offturn character played Cape of Escape. Fixed an issue where an encountered card would visually disappear when requesting aid. - Quest Mode A number of problem scenario powers have been removed. Black Magga is no longer available as a villain. Fixed an issue where a character could die and level up but not receive their rewards. - Store Ezren's Evoker specialization now correctly shows his hand size of 9 in the store. - UI Effects Panel: Fixed a minor issue where the effects panel wouldn't close if it was open when opening the settings menu. Card Selection: Fixed a minor issue where cards usable on the last turn of a scenario would retain the 'playable' highlight when performing post-scenario deck management. - Vault/Gallery Gallery: Unobtainable boosters that were incorrectly viewable in the gallery have been removed. That's all of them! Again, we're doing our best to get this patch to you as soon as you can and we appreciate all that you've done to help make Pathfinder Adventures an even better game!
  3. Hey guys I was just wondering if we are going to get to see the patch notes for the most recent patch or not. As I'm from one of the censored countries I'm pretty concerned it'll just be a patch cencoring more out for me. ha! When I first purchased and started playing through the game everything was normal with the nazi zombies, after a small patch overnight a couple days ago zombies no longer have sound. I've heard that this was a cencor up date. So I do wonder, what was in today's 139.9mb update? Please fill us in! Thanks.
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