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  1. The sad thing is, while I have experienced the bug you're describing, this is an entirely separate one. The game won't allow me to continue past the leveling up screen. I've encountered the faulty level up bug and my Cleric actually hit 40 and didn't get rewarded for it, which was super tilting. This one just hangs the game when I try to level up a character (after a successful campaign), and now I can't even play the game unless I uninstall and reinstall it. Upon reinstalling it and playing a quest, the game just hangs again and won't let me past the level up screen.
  2. I don't suppose there's like.. anything I can do? Because it'd be lovely to play this game I purchased. =/ I know I sound salty, but not even getting a response at all is pretty aggravating.
  3. General (For all issues) What device type are you on? ‚ÄčiPad What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4, iOS 9.3, etc. 9.3.5 What model is the device? Galaxy Tab 3, iPad Mini 4, etc. iPad Air 2 What is your PFID#? (Located in the settings menu) FB5B1FFCF330AF76 Fighter and Cleric level up in the same Quest scenario. Fighter to 39, and I choose a new skill feat. That works fine. It goes to the Cleric, and she's unlocked a new role. I get the standard mini-tutorial for choosing a new role, and it tells me to click one of the roles. I do so, and that's where functionality stops. I click on a role, and cannot select a new power for Cleric. Can't continue the game, can't make any choices, can't switch screens. Force resetting the game brings me back to leveling up from the beginning, and it just loops into the same situation. Can't progress in quest mode again because I can't move on from leveling up. Edit: I gotta admit, I'm getting kind of tired of the game-breaking bugs. I mean.. I understand little bugs, but multiple times I've been completely unable to play a game I've spent money on and it's frustrating.
  4. Had this happen to me, as well, on a level 39 character. Does that mean I'll never be able to get that skill feat? Cause that's a huge bummer. =/
  5. With the newest update, I've also lost all my gold. So.. not only is my Quest Mode bugged out so I can't play anymore, but I've also just lost the 17k I had. This feels like "I want a refund" territory at this point. I can't even play the game anymore.
  6. So I've got this same issue happening on a level 29 reward for fighter, using iOS. Is this an acknowledged problem by the devs? I mean.. it's kinda made the game unplayable for me. I finished Story, and getting to max level in Quest was like my next and only goal, and now I can't continue playing at all. =/
  7. On iOS for iPad, my fighter leveled up to 29 and got a spell card as a reward. Whenever I try to click the card to claim it, it just becomes a glowing halo and the game locks and I can't do anything. Forcing a close and reopening the app just leads to the same thing happening. Can't continue quest mode ever, now, as every time I go into it I just get the "end" of my previous one where I level up.
  8. Okay. Based on this post by dev LadyKaieta ("For some players figuring out the system is an experience they enjoy"), I'll use that as a springboard to share what I've found to answer some behind the scenes mechanics I've figured out. Building the Box Unlike the physical game which sits in a closet or under your bed unchanged between sessions, the digital card "box" is rebuilt before each scenario or quest. It follows roughly the following steps. 1. Put all the cards up to the present adventure number/quest tier in the box. 2. Add in a small number of randomly selected treasure cards from deck number up to the present adventure number/quest tier. 3. Add in C-deck or promo cards if you have them. 4. "Shuffle" the whole lot. 5. Cull a percentage of basic and elite cards based on the adventure number/quest tier 6. "Deal" the game. So, with regards to seeing a specific treasure card like "Keen Scythe +2": a. You need to have first found it in a treasure chest. b. It needs to be one of the randomly-selected cards above in step 2. c. If it survives the cull (some treasure cards are Basic or Elite), then it has to be one of the cards randomly chosen to be dealt into a location deck to discover. Yes, the odds of seeing a treasure card are pretty lousy. But, in a way, that is somewhat the point. The core game remains >95% the same, and every now and then something cool pops up. Almost anything else would dramatically unbalance the game if all treasure cards had the same chance of discovery as a "base" card. Oh man, thank you. This clears up a lot of the confusion I was feeling about everything. A lot of the "tier" stuff goes over my head, as I've never encountered anything to do with that from explanations in game, but it makes sense even if I don't understand the details. Really do appreciate all the help you've all given me in this thread. Thank you, folks.
  9. Okay, this may be silly, and it's entirely possible I'm missing something pretty basic, but I can't seem to figure out exactly how card distribution, well, works. I bought the store bundle after a couple weeks of playing, and I grabbed that 40 chest deal in the humble bundle and opened those, so I've got cards. I look in my Vault and there are plenty of cards hanging around there. They just don't seem to show up in the game itself. I know I've got this amazing looking card, Keen Scythe +2, but heck if I've ever seen it come up in the game for me to use or acquire. Is it a matter of luck? Do I have to "activate" them somehow? Do they only show up in harder difficulties of Quests? Cause I've done those, but I don't notice any difference in the quality of cards I encounter in hardcore vs. normal. Sorry to bother ya folks; I'm probably missing something really simple, but I'd appreciate it if someone could cure my ignorance. Cause dang, supposedly I have a Flame Cannon that I'd love to shoot.
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