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  1. My story game froze up when a Harpy was making my party roll Wisdom saves, so I had to forfeit the adventure. Now that harpy card follows me everywhere, even on the map screen when you pick an adventure. and if I try to encounter a monster, it hides behind the Harpy card and the game won't let me do anything but forfeit.
  2. Will do. For some reason my game reset back to where I was level 28, so I will sit tight and wait for that new patch.
  3. I did not see this issue being addressed in the next patch. Am I wrong?
  4. Apparently Level 30 still tries to give you a power feat instead of a card feat, even though it says (and should be) a card feat. I find it very frustrating to put the hours of effort into leveling up a party, especially having to forfeit if a character dies because of the death level bug, and when you get this far you have to pick the last power you didn't want your character to have instead of another card that you need to face the next tier.
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