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  1. Quest mode, Legendary difficulty, scenario power adds 2 to defeat villain for every henchman defeated. villain is Black Fang, Henchmen are Poison Traps. Party of four characters has defeated 2 Poison Traps when Lini (going last in a 4 person party) starts her turn at the Mountain Peak and is called to do a Wisdom/Survival 11 roll (rather than 7). As it turns out, the top card of the locatio deck there was the villain, so it looks like it incorrectly applied the scenario power to the start of turn check with the villain on top of the location check. If more info is needed to track down this bug, please let me know.
  2. On the 'Welcome to Quest Mode!' pop-up when starting quest mode for the first time, the word 'scenarios' in the first line is missing its 'c'.
  3. And again -- I think the common thread here may be Lem -- this time, it was Story Mode, Legendary Difficulty, Approach to Thistletop, Darkest Night, Painful Memories. Lem at the Goblin Fortress encounters a Skeleton Horde, all 3 characters face and defeat their Ancient Skeletons (Merisiel at Treacherous Cave, Kyra at Nettlemaze). After all 3 encounters, Lem is given an opportunity to permanently close the Goblin Fortress. Again, if more info would be helpful, please let me know.
  4. Legendary difficulty, Story mode, Trouble in Sandpoint, Impending Doom, Blood in the Sand. I've got a 3 character party -- Kyra encounters the villain at the Village House, Merisiel is at a permanently closed Glassworks, and Lem is temporarily closing the Catacombs of Wrath. After killing the Wrathful Sinspawn and rolling the d6 for discarding the top card of the deck, Lem is asked again if he wants to close the location. Saying Yes and killing another Sinspawn permanently closes the Catacombs, then the screen returns to the 'temporarily closing' screen for Kyra's villain encounter to continue. If any other information would be helpful in tracking this bug down, please let me know. Thanks as always for the great game and the bug squashing!
  5. I have hit this twice now, both in quest mode, both normal difficulty, at two different locations (one was desecrated vault but I can't remember the other). In each case, the character who encountered the horde was not the last one to face his or her zombie.
  6. Since the patch, each time I have encountered a Zombie Horde barrier, if the character encountering the barrier defeats his or her summoned Zombie Minion, they are given an opportunity to close their location after all characrers have faced their Zombie Minion. If any other info would be helpful in tracking down this bug, please let me know. Thanks!
  7. I have a pattern of handling big checks with my partties, especially the final Alpha Strike on a villain. I use a weapon or spell, assign all blessings, then go back through looking for other bonuses to add. Twice now, I have used blessings from multiple characters and revealed a weapon or spell for combat checks, then Lem used the Wand of Enervation to reduce the difficulty. The screen sweeps away my accumulated dice and has me roll a d4 for the Wand, but when I come back to the combat check I only have a single die of the skill assigned to the combat check by the spell or weapon -- all other dice are gone, the spell or skill is still revealed, and characters who already played blessings may not play another. If more info can be helpful to track this bug down, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. I had this happen when I added another character and replayed B-3 and 1-1 in Story mode -- after finishing those I noticed that the characters that had already completed them had a +2 in Strength. Had you added characters and/or replayed B-3 or 1-1 with those characters?
  9. I saw a UI for this come up when facing a crab (that requires a 2nd roll of the same dice to succeed) -- there was a roll button and everything.
  10. Although it hasn't happened to me yet, count me in the group who would've reported the current Collapsed Ceiling behaviour as a bug. I tap to draw cards from the deck, as I tap on anything else that is highlighted on the screen to interact with it. Having said that, you may want to look at that Collapsed Ceiling before deciding to encounter it (to see the check required, for instance), so maybe an "Encounter" and a "Put Back" button on the zoom-in when we tap it would be best? Only when there is a forced first encounter like that, of course.
  11. After finishing 1-4, Seoni speaks last: "So there's more longshanks that Tsuto..." should be 'than Tsuto'.
  12. I can only echo the sentiments here about my views on the appropriateness of this decision. And if there are specific things or situations that need a thorough running through, please let us know. I know nimoyfish and I aren't the only ones ready to jump through some hoops to help y'all make this a knockout finished product.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by 'normal mode' Hannibal. There will be 2 modes -- Story and Quest. Story mode duplicates the physical PACG Rise of the Runelords game, then adds 2 additional difficulty levels and the option to get chesta for new and interesting cards to be used in the box. Quest mode is even more 'roguelike' -- locations, villains, and henchmen are randomly moxed, and character progression is done on an XP system to earn feats rather than them being awarded in particular scenarios in the story. And yes, there are bugs being reported in both modes on build 2, but as I said above practically everything brought up before the release of build 2 was addressed in build 2, so there is a good track record of bug squashing so far.
  14. Count me in the group eyeing things warily, but I feel much better about it than I did at the start of beta because of the quick progress seen from build 1 to build 2 of the beta. Almost everything brought up by testers before the release of build 2 was addressed, fixed, and improved in build 2. I am hopeful to see at least one more cycle of build release + testing before the official release, and I will be neither disappointed nor surprised if things need to be bumped back a week or two. The PACG fanatics will come to this whenever it's ready -- it's the reception from casual PACG players or those who haven't played before that is more variable. Progress resetting issues or show-stoppers will likely turn that group off and away real quick, possibly never to return.
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