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  1. Is there any plan to make steam cloud saves transfer from Mac to PC or vice versa? This would make the prospect of tracking down my save on my now-defunct laptop a lot easier.
  2. Thanks for your reply! iPhone 6, iOS10 Story Mode PFID 4E76A6D65BD5A307
  3. Hi guys, I've had minimal issues with the game until the last patch. Now when I try and continue my game it hangs on the load screen when I hit "start." There looked to be old issues here as well. If I do a reinstall do I lose my characters? Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. Just beat him today after struggling at level 11 and again at level 14. Wish I had the log but it went something like this. Send Eder to the left. Do NOT attack the dragon immediately. Engage with some ice blights. Cast suppress affliction on party as well as crowns of the faithful. Summon a bunch of trash for figurines. At this point, something hit the dragon despite Eder not engaging him and all the shades came up. Make short work of them with adds, Foe AoE spells, etc... Eder went down at this point (oops) after getting critted a few times. while I dealt with adds. This is b
  5. First of all I loved the game. Nothing scratched my infinity engine itch for nearly 15 years so this game was like a vacation with an old friend. I loved the story, the world, the classes, the look, even gathering my party before venturing forth. It came so close to hitting the highs of Planescape: Torment with its world-building and the epic feel of BG2. I think a few things could be improved upon for PoE2 that would really cement this franchise as one of the all time greats, if it weren't so already. 1) itemization - itemization feels strangely unsatisfying; many unique items are very si
  6. That's a good point - I'll look at it again today and confirm. I am pretty sure that it may be specific to the Skaen cultists as other human kills seem to be recording properly
  7. To update, I think the issue is the way enemies are categorized. For example, killing Skaenite cultists didn't count as "human."
  8. I think this is exaclty right. I was killing Skaen cultists that didn't count - but the boss battle with the head cultist counted.
  9. I've had the same issue with NIghtshroud and I can confirm that the character has gotten the killing blow and in some cases has killed the enemy solo without using any spells.
  10. I have the soulbound weapon Nightshroud equipped on my priest. He's killed several humans (last hit, and solo) - yet the counter still reads 0/13. Anyone else having this issue? I saw similar threads for other weapons (St. Waidwen's Redeemer, etc...) but not Nightshroud
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