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  1. Level 14 monk 21 Might (+33% dmg) 17 perception (+7 accuracy) no additional + dmg or + accuracy armor or buffs Without +unarmed damage boots fists = 27- 34 damage accuracy = 103 Transcendent suffering 4 : +10.6 unarmed damage (base 8 ) +12 unarmed accuracy That's what it says on my char sheet
  2. Currently, the AI is targeting squishier characters more intelligently at the start of combat. Without using narrow doors/pathways to force enemies to target your tanks, I've found the best way of controlling who gets attacked is sending your melee "tanks" to start the fight well ahead of your other characters, then move those characters in after combat is already engaged. Once all the enemies have a target, I've found they rarely change it up. This will mean of course possibly changing your formation when walking around so you dont get surprised in a nasty way. In a way I like this chan
  3. This dude took about 15 tries before I realised the main thing stopping me from killing him was the accuracy debuff Eder - full deflection tank, away from main party, lots of endurance potions. need: massive buffs to accuracy and immunity to paralysis and stun (thanks Durance you crazy old coot) Get Eder to attack an ice blight and turn off his AI. keep him alive as long as possible (armor with 2nd chance can help). DO NOT ATTACK THE DRAGON kill off as many stray ice blights and oozes as possible without getting too close to the dragon (their damage is not that important)
  4. I used Aloth with 5 survival and 5 athletics, and +2 buffs to his dex and con
  5. My monk has higher accuracy and damage with unarmed than any dual wield-able weapons I've found. However, you can miss out on awesome enchantments not related to damage / accuracy such as DR reduction and attack speed (attack speed is a big one, don't want to spoil anything ). There are also new item(s) that buff unarmed damage. The difference to dps seems minor to me but comparing the very best weapons with the very best enchantments, weapons probably still beat unarmed. I usually have a set of weapons that cover the enemies that are immune or resistant to blunt damage. I am real
  6. *SPOILER* As far as I can tell there is no other way, but if your goal is to try not hurting anyone...One of the souls you awaken can be suppressed back into dormancy after you've gotten your information and **END GAME SPOILER** even seems to have a positive impact on the town after you finish the expansion
  7. Hey guys I may have a workaround for you, it worked for me anyway. The crazy load and save time issue as well as inventory lag went away when I disconnected my network adapters and ran the game as administrator. Got the idea from here, means no internet while I play but for now, worth it. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72049-workarounds-for-several-known-issues-3-27-15/ Hope it helps you guys too -Tofu
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