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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie to PoE. I read a guide pertaining to the old style of "tank and spank" with the older version of the game (where monsters and baddies generally stuck on your tank) and specced my rogue to be mainly dps and not much survivability. After the update, I've seen a couple posts here and there basically mirroring my thoughts: the game is different, its annoying to deal with combat now, and a lot of newbs like me are just avoiding playing the game. I'd like to make a thread where we can give tips on how to respec or re-arm our parties to deal with these pesky enemies that constantly raid the backline. So far I've given my rogue and mage heavier armor, as well as equipped a nice two handed sword on my tank for more dps and better disengagement attacks. what i've done is just sort of hybridize all my characters to be more tanky if they are dps and be more dps if they are tanky. any specific tips and builds would be appreciated here. Thanks.
  2. I really think that's a problem. I mean I want more difficult combat and smarter AI, but not everyone wants that, and many people like that bought the game. Easy is supposed to be, well, easy, and if that difficulty no longer does what it says on the tin, I think it's a technical issue, since it basically means some people can't play the game anymore, or at least can't do the White March content. It doesn't matter if the OP is "doing it wrong" (in no way suggesting he is). Easy should be easy, period. dude, yeah. I bought this game to play on easy and was very much surprised by combat after the update. used to play every day but find myself avoiding the game, not really fun for me to kite the whole enemy party with my rogue just to be decimated by disengagement attacks (not a naked rogue, nor 3 con, but still gets killed almost instantly) please add an option for the old combat for us casuals! thanks. I enjoy the rest of the update btw
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