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  1. Also in this same save I found that the spiders in Caed Nua level 12 were not counting kills however the Animats / Adra Animats in level 13 all counted the kills normally. And the assassins from random encounters during the night in Defiance Bay did no count kills too. Maybe it's something to do with the type of the enemies.
  2. Hello, I could get Nightshroud to count 16/65 and Stormcaller to 9/25. The thing is I killed lots of enemies and tested kills with only the character with the weapon hitting the enemy without it counting, it seems that some kills just don't count. The save game and output are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k9sbt5d5vuoljdl/AAD5lVpjxXjZmYn4a9KIz8yja?dl=0
  3. Killed lots of Battery Defenders in Durgan's battery and the kills are not counting, I made sure to always get the last hit several times. Couldn't find any druids or humans to kill though.
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