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  1. This is what happens: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zl54dpj8ud10ep/WagesBug.jpg?dl=0 Just keep loading the same save. Eventually it will happen. It is infuriating. You can lose all your money not just 10%. One load took me from 27k to 2k and another one to 1.
  2. Still happens I 'm afraid but you don't notice it like before cause there is no floating text overflow. Went from 9k gold to 300g in the time it took to finish fort deadlight (AND I was stealing everything but the kitchen sinks).
  3. Platform: Android Since last 2 updates I have been having problems continuing my party's progress. The continue button was unresponsive and after deleting the tutorial party it became grey and unusable. The only work around is pressing start, selecting the campaign, selecting the saved party and then going into the campaign map or the current scenario or the card management screen. This happens regardless of the status of the party ie in the middle of an adventure or after the adventure. Has anyone else seen this?
  4. Don't know if this applies to your case but sometimes when you select a card from a pile or deck and it gets enlarged it hides the "draw/take" buttons. Try dragging it to your hand (or deck depending on spell or effect). It should work.
  5. Exactly like Hawkmoon says. Some monsters need other checks besides or instead of combat to defeat. Satyr needs dexterity or acrobatics. Siren needs wisdom. A villain further down the campaign needs a successful diplomacy check and the magic tag to defeat. If in doubt check the card.
  6. Are you also talking about Leng Spiders? cause those have Diplomacy check as default and you have to change it to combat before being able to use spells with attack descriptor. Scarlet Walker is immune to poison and a few other elements as Jenceslav pointed. There are however bugs like that. Hidden beast for instance has a combat check before you act that if you fail you bury cards. On this first check you can use weapons and spells with attack descriptor. However, on the actual combat check to defeat it you can't use weapons or attack spells. Go figure...
  7. Yes but spells played from the emerald codex are supposedly banished after being used regardless if you have divine skill or not. Invoke is buried instead of being discarded after use and that's why it isn't banished. It's obviously a bug. Hadn't notice that. Good to know!
  8. Wild cards such as Full Packs (if you acquire a weapon, armor, or ally bury a card) COUNT Boons that if you fail to recharge them get buried like Karzug's Burning Glave or the Wand of Enervation DON'T COUNT. Only tested those two but I think it should be the same for others. Most High Ceoptra that forces you to bury instead of discard when damaged COUNTS. Skulking Vampire that if undefeated buries 2 cards from your discard pile DOESN'T COUNT. A little trivia from my investigation which I found peculiar was that when using the emerald codex and playing the Invoke spell, the spell doesn't get banished afterwards and goes into your collection. Both invoke and the emerald codex count towards the daily. Only managed to play a couple of games so couldn't test more. I still would like to see how Black Monk and Ghoul Bat factor into this but I begin to suspect that Ripe's initial suggestion that the daily counts cards buried from hand is closer to the truth.
  9. Not disagreeing with you. My point was that what triggers the bury action is not the determining factor. Whether it is a player power, location,or bane it doesn't matter. I am not sure if it is an issue of whether it happens from your hand or from your discard pile or from your deck. I think it has to do with how high it is on a chain of events. If it is the primary result of an action then it counts if not then it doesn't. In the case of the farmstead it is a secondary effect after being discarded. Need to put it to the test next time the daily shows up. My guess is that events that force you to bury cards after being discarded will not count. So need to test this vs Black Monk (bury all your discard pile) to see if it matters where you bury from Zaelsar (bury a few random cards from discard pile) just to make sure Ceoptra (bury instead of discarding when damaged) Ghoul Bat (bury magic cards after using them) Wildcards that force you to bury discarded cards Any other insight people?
  10. Good call! Had forgotten about that. Give my regards to NausicaƤ! So I guess we can call this thread resolved
  11. Just checking... has anyone used it to close a location? ever? Teasing aside the card doesn't work as intended. During the close location check you only get the "discard to add 1d10 to check" option.
  12. Runewell-induced bury action also counts towards the daily challenge and is in fact the fastest way of achieving it, along with using Amiri. So the initiator of the bury action doesn't seem to be an issue.
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