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  1. Well, anybody who has logged on since the "Goblin" drop will potentially be affected. How will we know whether we've lost cards? There's been no point visiting the Collection since the new version 'cos there's nothing you can do there, so what's the point of tracking card numbers - I used to cap any treasure card to a max of 3 copies regardless of rarity, unless it was super-useful (Lamillar Armour and +1 Spiked Chain for example), now I can't manage card numbers so I almost never visit the Vault.
  2. Yes, I am very, very disappointed with this. Firstly, it takes control away from the user, who previously could curate their card collection to manage the balance of their collection to favour certain cards - or to de-emphasise others (for instance, I just won't use any of the "Vicious" class of weapon). Secondly, it punishes people (not me) who have spent real money on Treasure chests - automatically throwing away cards that they've actually paid real money for and without their permission or any degree of control. What's the point of collecting spit-loads of Treasure if ultimately the game manages how many you can have of each card (and yet randomly distributes the cards when you buy them). In what other walk of life is it acceptable for the business from which you purchase something to decide that you have "too much" of something that you've bought and to take it away from you without your agreement or any degree of control? This is a very poor and disrespectful way for OBS to implement the system. Who cares what your balance of cards is, it's not a multiplayer adversarial game, it's (by and large) a solo "co-op", I'd have thought OBS would want to encourage people to "pay to win".
  3. The cull is back on. Is there any info how the culling works now? Indeed - it's certainly not functional in "Collection" (née Vault), where/how it used to be.
  4. Aha! A lightbulb moment, thank you! Now I get it that the Stack Salvage is non-destructive I can rest easy. Though, as we agree, there are some potential issues around managing both the Unclaimed stack and the Collection (now that Salvage has gone from Collection, I can't manage my distribution effectively -unlike previously). What the Devs give with one hand...
  5. I'm still confused! Probably because of the old functionality with the Vault and Salvaging. Previously, my Vault showed (IIRC) every card instance that I had acquired - either through AD acquisition or through treasure/gifting/promo. If I ever had more instances of a card than I wanted I could Salvage from the Vault to gain Gold and manage the "probability" of gain certain cards during a Scenario. At the end of a Scenario, any card instances that I didn't retain in my character decks were "returned" to the Vault to be available for generating the deck for a Scenario. Now, however, I cannot Salvage from the Vault at all. When I gain a new card instance it appears that I either have to put it in my Stack or Salvage it. This seems inferior to the previous situation where I could see how many instances of a card I had in my Vault before deciding when/whether to Salvage. Also, it now appears that I am Salvaging cards such as Blessing of the Gods. How can I have "extra" copies of a standard card? This makes no sense to me. As for Unclaimed, are you saying that cards sit there permanently - until such time as they are added to a Character's Deck (and potentially moved out to the Stack)? That could get very unwieldy and difficult to manage as there is no structure to it compared to the Vault. If I Claim a card from Unclaimed and then Salvage it from the Stack does it get added to the Vault, or is it gone forever? I guess I don't understand how cards get added to the Collection with the new process - it just seems incredibly non-intuitive to me.
  6. The way cards was managed previously was a mess, but at least I understood it. Now it's a complete mess and utterly incomprehensible to me. Does anybody have a good description of how the following interact Collection Unclaimed Cards Stash Why do I have to add cards to my stash instead of to my Collection at the end of a Scenario? Why can I no longer Salvage the unwanted Treasure cards in my Collection?
  7. Why are "hiccoughs to be expected"? Because OBS don't put sufficient QA into their builds to reduce the bugs to acceptable levels, or some other reason? Don't give me any line about "oooh, dev is really difficult and this is really complicated". Pah! ​I ​expected a whole heap of bugs, but then I have zero confidence in OBS's ability to get it anywhere near right first time - they have a track record in this respect. Why do you expect so many bugs?
  8. I can't help but observe that for all the complaining you did on something you got completely for free, you are sounding extremly entitled. To what do you think that I believe I am entitled? Or is "entitled" just one of those insult words like "triggered" that really doesn't mean anything useful these days?
  9. "Have to"? no. It's you that decides whether you want it on multiple platforms. If you do, you will have to pay. I do have some sympathy with your situation however, assuming that you paid real money for core game components on the mobile platform. But it's still up to you whether you consider it worth the money to purchase it on Steam. I didn't think it was worth the money on mobile, so all my purchases have been with Gold, I won't be buying it on Steam because (1) Quest Mode is going away, (2) I play it on my PC via an Android emulator and (3) I've spent quite enough of my resources supporting the extended beta/bug-bash that has been the mobile release, I have no intention of spending my money as well.
  10. I think that is the likeliest summary of how things will work. Personally, I'm not against paying for a PC version of Pathfinder, but I can see how it is a little irksome to early adopters that they can't go cross-platform for free while the reverse is true for purchasers on GOG/Steam. However, my additional thoughts are: 1. The mobile version was stupendously generous in that it was truly a free-to-play app that didn't require any money or even forced ads reach the end. To unlock the game, you just had to play it a lot. 2. Going non-free will help the financial viability of the app. Updates, content, and potential new Adventure Paths aren't going to be funded by Pathfinder in-game Gold. I don't know how the game can be profitable if it continues being free on all platforms. 3. Lots of people played for free over the last year, and many have probably moved on to other games. It might sting a little to be an OG Adventurer, but I can't help but feel that those of us looking to platform-up may be in the minority. The decision seems good for the overall health of digital Pathfinder Adventures even if it isn't that great for players that bought the bundle on mobile. I agree with much of what you say here. I haven't paid a penny for the PACG content that I played. However, if I had paid real money for it, I would have felt cheated and would likely have abandoned the game early because of the atrocious quality of the product. I believe that I've paid far more than $24.99 for my copy of PACG through the hours and hours of unpaid bug reporting that I have done. I felt obliged to do this as a form of paying back, I likely wouldn't have done it if I had paid for my content. But now that I - and others like me - have done our best to get the game to the point where it's (presumably) playable as a commercial release on the PC platform, we are "locked in" to our original platform (regardless of whether that was our platform of choice) unless we buy it on that platform (in some cases that's "buy it again"). I guess I'm just a little miffed at the lack of recognition that the "extended beta" community has received. If I continue to play at all once Quest Mode has gone, I guess it'll still be via an Android emulator on my PC.
  11. At risk of being called a "hater" simply because I don't agree with those who like to throw offensive terms around the place, I'd just like to say that what I really want from this App is a faithful rendition of the physical game that I can play solo. I don't need fancy dice, I don't need dice stats that remove the need to think, I don't need card stashes and I don't want treasure at all in Story Mode. I play the digital because it saves on the overhead necessary to set up a game and tear it down afterwards. The only departure from the physical game that I do care about - and passionately so - is Quest Mode. And that's the one thing that's going away. Quest mode is where I want to use all the fancy stuff (except a stats calculator!).
  12. I guess I'm a purist (why does that sound like a dirty word?) and I use that control at the moment. Of course it's really going to be a "Treasure cards on/off" feature soon, isn't it (given the demise of Quest Mode)? I wonder what the impact of a bunch of "purists" having no incentive to buy treasure will be. Presumably zero or OBS surely wouldn't have gone that route. Ach, more water under the bridge...
  13. I don't make the rules when it comes to marketing. No, I didn't think that you did. Neither was I targeting you with my comment. When I said "Obsidian" I really did mean the corporate entity. Would it have been too much to ask for a simultaneous (our even nearly simultaneous) release on the Dev Blog? Lots of good will from the community (that's called "marketing", right?) and nothing lost corporately. Well, we're sadly not going to change your corporate culture with these exchanges, I'll move on.
  14. Yay! They release the information here first - in the active community for the game! OBS loves their community! Wait... what?! Nice to know we're valued and respected.
  15. I neither use, nor would want to use card mules. Neither do I want a card stash (or indeed Treasure cards in Story Mode). If you're going to do something that diverges radically from the physical game, please do it in such a way that it can be disabled and rendered invisible outside the setting dialogue to turn it on. If you were keeping Quest Mode, I'd ask that it be treated in the same way as Treasure in Story Mode. Of course, that's a pointless request - or at least a moot one. IMO, just 'cos some folks game the system, it doesn't mean that you should (a) facilitate that or (b) make it a built in part of the game. What statistics do you have in support of card mules as a "widespread" activity?
  16. It's funny, this thread exists because OBS said "we'll put out in..." and that date was missed by a country mile. Now they've gone all shy about posting dates. I guess they've learned something, but it's a bit late now to reverse the policy. A simple "Q3 estimated date" would do. Then when it arrives in Q2 we can all be pleasantly surprised :D
  17. Agreed: if 1.0.x to 1.1.x was the phone UI then 1.1.x to 1.2.x isn't going to be anything ground-breaking (though I'd love to ditch the emulator and move completely to Steam for all my Android games). I'll go into sleep mode until the end of May when I'll probably spin up an update for this thread asking where 1.2.6.x is
  18. Ah! 1.2​.6 now that is​ interesting news. Sounds like a new Campaign to me (needlessly and pointlessly and indeed somewhat ironically, speculating). What was the change when the game went from 1.0.x to 1.1.x? Anyone remember?
  19. Yeah, don't think that's going to happen - it was part of the reason for posting in the first place.
  20. I'm not speculating here. That would be a pointless exercise and is a significant part of my complaint about your posts. I am asking a question in the form of an "open post to OBS" in the (apparently vain) hope that they are paying some attention to their fan/customer-base. Given the response that we've had from them, I think that I've probably had my answer and that it may well prove to be the answer that I feared (now ​that​ is speculation).
  21. I understand that nobody is kept in the same project indefinitely - I have previously mentioned having experience in the software industry. But you said (and this is very different to cycling staff through different projects) "most probably people have been assigned to new projects and Pathfinder adventures is in limited support". Now you are saying "nobody knows until there is new info". You really are just making stuff up so that you have something to post aren't you?
  22. So now you've changed your mind Hannibal: "most probably people have been assigned to new projects and Pathfinder adventures is in limited support" WTF? Where's all the optimism about developments going ahead and a bright future for the game, or are you just posting something for the sake of making a post?
  23. That's my hope too. I'd just like a little more reassurance that something real is going to happen. Currently, the players and the people who have paid to support the dev team's activity are being ignored.
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