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  1. mccrispy's post in Bug? Can't use challenging shield with no weapons revealed was marked as the answer   
    I wonder whether if you aren't using a weapon you are not adding the Melee Trait. Just because you are using the Melee skill​ die, it doesn't necessarily mean that the check has the Melee ​trait​ (I'm guessing).
  2. mccrispy's post in Need help getting my story save slot back was marked as the answer   
    to expand a little on SGT's post: is it the party that has been deleted, or the characters? If it's the party then you can simply recreate the party and continue (though IIRC you'll have lost the progression in Heroic/Legendary that the party may have made - but not the progress at Normal). If it's the characters (i.e. they are missing from the "Experienced" tab in character selection) then, well, I suspect that you're screwed. Hopefully SGT will have a solution once you've responded.
  3. mccrispy's post in Bug when replacing card from hand with card from discard was marked as the answer   
    OK, here's my toolkit of bigger hammers (in the order that I try them)
    Vault round-trip (hit the settings button, hit the Vault button, hit the Back button when you're in Vault) Kill the App (this may, or may not work/be possible on IOS, I'm on Android) Forfeit the Scenario (hit settings, hit forfeit) - you'll miss out on any gold bonus, but will at least keep any Boons Delete the appropriate game.sav file* (this may/may not be possible on iOS, I am an Android user) Clear Cache for Play/Store/PACG Clear Data for Play/Store/PACG * these files are (on Android) located at Android/Data/net.obisidian.pacg1/files/PACG1_SAVE_GAMES/slotX, where X is 99 for Quest, 98 for Tutorial and 01-09 for Story mode (date stamp should identify the file.
    NOTE: steps more serious than step 3 ​will result in lost data​ including, but not limited to your current progress on the scenario in question. Hammers bigger than a size 4 hammer ​may result in lost data beyond the current scenario​ depending on the state of sync at the time.
    ​arse-covering disclaimer: I am not an OBS employee, neither am I an Android guru, or indeed an oracle of all things PACG. These steps are ones that I have developed through trial and error, based on what limited understanding I have gained about how the game does "stuff". Use this toolkit under your own cognisance.
  4. mccrispy's post in [1.4.1] Dice graphics rendering issue was marked as the answer   
    This is definitely an issue related to AMIDuOS. I have installed BlueStacks (which I hate because it's an App Launcher with "free added bloatware" rather than an OS emulator) and it works perfectly fine in this respect. So I've put in a support request with AMIDuOS (and I have less hope of getting a response/fix there than I ever have with issues here).
  5. mccrispy's post in Glitch: Dorella and Hookmaw Kreeg was marked as the answer   
    Were you playing on Heroic/Legendary and if so, which Wildcards were in play?
    This bug has been reported here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88733-1038-graul-ogrekin-automatically-rolls-my-combat-check/?hl=%2Brolled+%2Bdamage though yours is with Dorella. Perhaps you could "me too" that thread with a mention of Dorella and Hookmaw (though the Devs are investigating)
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