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  1. Hi all, I've taken a break from the game for. Couple months. Saw there was an update today but it looks like you have to pay cash for the Goblin adventure now. When did this start? I think I remember buying all the other adventures with gold? I spent real cash on alts though. I think this is crap as I saved gold to spend when this came out And now it's cash only.
  2. I take it you can find the rooster non any adventure? Or must you play a specific one?
  3. All I see is the rooster. Where is my other goblins and dance with squeaky located in the vault?
  4. How can you get more than 1 quill? I thought you could only get those orange cards at the end of a scenario once?
  5. I was not spreading a rumor only stating an opinion. When you have a team that holds back information the way they do, it leans toward a team that is unsure of the path this game will take. It is very simple to let your customer base be aware of a road map. Even if might be delayed. Leads me to believe they are more interested in pc. Again, love the game and hoping for more. This is such a great app and play it daily.
  6. Every time I change Seoni's dice it reverts back to the basic blue dice. WTH? All my other characters I can go to manage party change them and it stays. Any advice?
  7. It comes from my understanding of the facts so far. It took forever to get the first 6 adventures, and now they are probably more concerned with Steam release. I could be wrong, I hope...
  8. Just to make sure, If I unlock a chest and get a piece of armor lets say, can I acquire unlimited copies of it throughout game play? Or is it limited to a certain number of copies. Also, I unlocked some adamantine armor(could be wrong name) But the vault says it was from deck 6 and I encountered and acquired it in chapter 5. How is that? One last thing. I think this is one of the best implementations of any board game app I have ever seen. I am really sad to see the talk that there will be no more additions to this great game. I think they could make S&S as content for this app i
  9. All of a sudden I cant choose cards after a mission except for basic cards. My party has completed every mission already. It was working fine before but now i only see basic blessings, weapons, etc... Any fix?
  10. Am I missing something? When I go to see the vault, all I see are B and 1. I have all the adventures to date. It says something like this deck list is unavailable for the current adventure? Decks 2 and 3 are blacked out.
  11. Just unlocked the roles and my dwarf did not get to choose one? He did not die during scenario. Wth?
  12. where are you seeing deck c for 8000 gold? it says 10k for me.
  13. Just a quick chime in on the gold farming. These guys have made a very quality game here that at the least deserves your $2 real cash for the daily gold. But if for some reason people can't afford that, you can still make around 40+ gold over and over in already completed scenarios pretty easily. If you can, give these guys some cash for the effort.
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