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  1. I might have missed something (I tend to from time to time), but can anyone explain to me where you could see an option that gave you access to ALL future versions of the game? All I see in the Runelords bundle is: - all six chapters of the Game - all 11 Characters - the Character Addon Deck - the 6 Promo Cards associated with the 6 Chapters - and six sets of red Dice and nothing else is promised. Yes it sucks sometimes, even more so when the monetarization model changes, but just because you own a game on one platform does not entitle you to a copy when it is ported to another system. Most of the time you won't even be offered a discount.
  2. I sat through the cardlists for the tabletop- products some time ago and would say roughly half of the treasure cards are pre existing. The highest number of cards i could not recognise in the lists are in Spells, Items and Blessings. Though I might have missed one and my not have seen all the lists.
  3. There are a few more cards but I don't remember any that use the special rules from set. The Blessings of Milani and Cayden Cailean are the big ones.
  4. Most of my favourites are a bit on the situational side. Well except for the already mentioned cards. Shock Longbow+1: Not having to rely on strength makes this a nice longterm weapon when Crossbows are in high demand, but unfortuneately only Harsk can make good use of this. And maybe alt Merisiel. Improved Mending: I feel this is what mending should have been. I can't count how often this one got me a critical Item or Weapon back on my hand. Locksmith Leather: if you start out with a really low Dexterity this can help you through a lot of early game Disable Check. And when you reach the point where it becomes useless, you are at the point where better armors are available. Shalelu Andosana: No love for her? Being able to decide between scouting and exploring after you have seen the next card is really really usefull.
  5. In the tabletop variant I used it with Seoni to deal with monsters that can't be targeted by spells. But that is a rare occasion and my be a case of misinterpreted rules.
  6. This happened in Questmode at least twice, with solo Formal Seelah: When discarding the Wand for Inspired Grace it was instead added to my hand. But at the same time the dice pool got messed up and needed to be reset. While writing I correctly discarded the Staff on a Skillcheck. I am pretty sure all draw to hand where during combat Checks. The last two times this happened where against Mammy Graul.
  7. Spending the last weeks reading through the, becoming repetitive fast, complaints about the loss of QuestMode I remembered a small fact: The game still works well in offline mode. You do loose goldgain and the ability to find new treasures, but you keep everything you already obtained ingame. It should also let you play without updating, but I can't remember that as a fact. This might give you a chance to keep the buggy halfbroken Questmode until the Game is back in a state that you want to patch to. I never had any serious troubles with Questmode, so this are the Forums words not mine. For me I am sad to lose questmode, but I am also playing Obsidian Games since the time their founders where still a part of Black Isle Studios So I am willing to give them some advance credits.
  8. In the Valentines Developer Blog is a small segment all at the bottom: http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-201-pathfinder-adventures-valentines-special-and-quest-mode-update/ Probably got lost abit in the bad news about Questmode. I guess I will see how this works out when the PC Version hits.
  9. As a disclaimer, the Paladin is my favorite Class since AD&D second Edition, so my Opinion is probably highly biased. This opinion baffles and amuses me ever since the boardgame came out. So how long? 3 years? After all she is the only character that CAN beat any corporeal Monster, Henchmen and most of the Villains up to and including AD3 WITHOUT a single card in her hand. Notice the can, you won't win them all. Just often enough to probably get what you want from your deck. I won complete Games without ever getting a weapon ito my hand. Rolling the Equivalent of a d10 on every roll you want is not bad either, even if it scales badly with blessings. Take a look into support magic and you will be a lot happier. For being terrible solo: I soloed heroic and legendary difficulty with her without any troubles well into AD4. And for a note I havn't finished AD5 yet so no, she isn't maxed out. Seelah is the Character I add when the rest of the party struggles with a game. I also disagree a bit on the upgrade priorities. I usually go with recharge Spells on inspired Grace first, followed by an increased handsize. That means also investing into additional Spellslots first, before dipping into Blessings and Allies. A fourth weaponslot is nice to have, but it can wait a while until you can get some better weapons for it. Ironicaly with formal Seelah I am contemplating buying the third Armor Slot. There are some really nice Supportive Armors in the treasure Chests.
  10. Sucks for people (like me) who liked to test new character/party ideas in a less predictable enviroment. A well it was fun while it lasted. Also having just recently whiped my questmode chararacters feels like really bad timing now.
  11. ROTR contains 32 Outsider, of which 11 are Demons. While that are not a lot of Demons, in the end it is still a Longsword+2 that can be recharged instead of discarded. I feel there are some worse cards, that somehow no one ever mentions. Like the venomous Darts or everything starting with vicious.
  12. Somewhere was a note that you have a higher chance of getting treasures of the decks your characters can already aquire cards from. Just can't remember where I have read that. For example I havn't gotten a single deck 6 card before I had reached deck 4 in campaign mode. But I don't buy that many chests.
  13. I am currently thinking about a "Diplomatic Envoy" group with Seelah (alt) Seoni Valeros Lem Not sure if I should add Lini too. She has a lot of charisma and cute furry critters to help her make new friends but no diplomacy skill. Her being compatible with any group feels sometimes like cheating. Those four alone will already do a pretty solid job.
  14. I would agree with the others, adding more options first through characters and adventures is the better idea and add chests when you have reserves to spend. To complete and enjoy the game you don't need a single treasure or promotional card. But if you play somewhat regulary you have more than enough gold to buy every adventure deck and character. Also, except for armors and rarer blessings, treasure cards are not necessarily better than the regular ones. They will give you mostly a different progression speed ore some different playstyle options. A lot of trasure cards are from later adventure paths / character decks and give a nice insight into the evolution of the game. Usually you shouldn't be able to use more copies of any card than are available in the game in a single party, but that is only enforced fore treasure cards. Otherwise it would be a lot harder to keep all characters well equipped throughout the game. For the chance of getting legendaries: Since I got my first one I got 2 legendaries over roughly every 25 chests. But I am pretty sure I opened more chests than that bbefore my first one.
  15. Finally getting an item seems like such a great thing but after I went through my treasury I ran into a bit of a conundrum: Nothing I have available really excites me for the Paladin. You only get one single card, so what should it be? Many of the usefull utility options are already covered by the abilities or spells. So I wonder how is it for you? What is your Item of choice, or did I even miss something obvious? Getting a strengthboost to offset the loss of one point melee feels a bit weak to me.
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