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  1. I might have missed something (I tend to from time to time), but can anyone explain to me where you could see an option that gave you access to ALL future versions of the game? All I see in the Runelords bundle is: - all six chapters of the Game - all 11 Characters - the Character Addon Deck - the 6 Promo Cards associated with the 6 Chapters - and six sets of red Dice and nothing else is promised. Yes it sucks sometimes, even more so when the monetarization model changes, but just because you own a game on one platform does not entitle you to a copy when it is ported to ano
  2. I sat through the cardlists for the tabletop- products some time ago and would say roughly half of the treasure cards are pre existing. The highest number of cards i could not recognise in the lists are in Spells, Items and Blessings. Though I might have missed one and my not have seen all the lists.
  3. There are a few more cards but I don't remember any that use the special rules from set. The Blessings of Milani and Cayden Cailean are the big ones.
  4. Most of my favourites are a bit on the situational side. Well except for the already mentioned cards. Shock Longbow+1: Not having to rely on strength makes this a nice longterm weapon when Crossbows are in high demand, but unfortuneately only Harsk can make good use of this. And maybe alt Merisiel. Improved Mending: I feel this is what mending should have been. I can't count how often this one got me a critical Item or Weapon back on my hand. Locksmith Leather: if you start out with a really low Dexterity this can help you through a lot of early game Disable Check. And when you re
  5. In the tabletop variant I used it with Seoni to deal with monsters that can't be targeted by spells. But that is a rare occasion and my be a case of misinterpreted rules.
  6. This happened in Questmode at least twice, with solo Formal Seelah: When discarding the Wand for Inspired Grace it was instead added to my hand. But at the same time the dice pool got messed up and needed to be reset. While writing I correctly discarded the Staff on a Skillcheck. I am pretty sure all draw to hand where during combat Checks. The last two times this happened where against Mammy Graul.
  7. Spending the last weeks reading through the, becoming repetitive fast, complaints about the loss of QuestMode I remembered a small fact: The game still works well in offline mode. You do loose goldgain and the ability to find new treasures, but you keep everything you already obtained ingame. It should also let you play without updating, but I can't remember that as a fact. This might give you a chance to keep the buggy halfbroken Questmode until the Game is back in a state that you want to patch to. I never had any serious troubles with Questmode, so this are the Forums words not mine.
  8. In the Valentines Developer Blog is a small segment all at the bottom: http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-201-pathfinder-adventures-valentines-special-and-quest-mode-update/ Probably got lost abit in the bad news about Questmode. I guess I will see how this works out when the PC Version hits.
  9. As a disclaimer, the Paladin is my favorite Class since AD&D second Edition, so my Opinion is probably highly biased. This opinion baffles and amuses me ever since the boardgame came out. So how long? 3 years? After all she is the only character that CAN beat any corporeal Monster, Henchmen and most of the Villains up to and including AD3 WITHOUT a single card in her hand. Notice the can, you won't win them all. Just often enough to probably get what you want from your deck. I won complete Games without ever getting a weapon ito my hand. Rolling the Equivalent of a d10 on every ro
  10. Sucks for people (like me) who liked to test new character/party ideas in a less predictable enviroment. A well it was fun while it lasted. Also having just recently whiped my questmode chararacters feels like really bad timing now.
  11. ROTR contains 32 Outsider, of which 11 are Demons. While that are not a lot of Demons, in the end it is still a Longsword+2 that can be recharged instead of discarded. I feel there are some worse cards, that somehow no one ever mentions. Like the venomous Darts or everything starting with vicious.
  12. Somewhere was a note that you have a higher chance of getting treasures of the decks your characters can already aquire cards from. Just can't remember where I have read that. For example I havn't gotten a single deck 6 card before I had reached deck 4 in campaign mode. But I don't buy that many chests.
  13. I am currently thinking about a "Diplomatic Envoy" group with Seelah (alt) Seoni Valeros Lem Not sure if I should add Lini too. She has a lot of charisma and cute furry critters to help her make new friends but no diplomacy skill. Her being compatible with any group feels sometimes like cheating. Those four alone will already do a pretty solid job.
  14. I would agree with the others, adding more options first through characters and adventures is the better idea and add chests when you have reserves to spend. To complete and enjoy the game you don't need a single treasure or promotional card. But if you play somewhat regulary you have more than enough gold to buy every adventure deck and character. Also, except for armors and rarer blessings, treasure cards are not necessarily better than the regular ones. They will give you mostly a different progression speed ore some different playstyle options. A lot of trasure cards are from later adven
  15. Finally getting an item seems like such a great thing but after I went through my treasury I ran into a bit of a conundrum: Nothing I have available really excites me for the Paladin. You only get one single card, so what should it be? Many of the usefull utility options are already covered by the abilities or spells. So I wonder how is it for you? What is your Item of choice, or did I even miss something obvious? Getting a strengthboost to offset the loss of one point melee feels a bit weak to me.
  16. Mummys Mask also has Traders, which bring a between adventures mechanic. I haven't played it yet and only skimmed the online rules, but I bet that has its on pile of interesting implementation problems.
  17. First of all from the alternate perspective that sounds like a really unlucky draw. If I didn't mess up that was the Equivalent of 72,500 gold compared to the 6k or 7k cost of direct buy. I agree that one shouldn't get an alt as easy from chests as from direct buy but that is a huge difference. I wonder how other people experience the chances with treasure chests. Me myself has only opened 25 chests since the update, so there are no reliable answers. But that Said: With so much Gold available why not buy the Alts directly? Who of us all would rather try their luck, than go the safe r
  18. Using an Ally to explore counts as playing an Ally. The Rules say (abridged): Playing a card means using a power on that card ... by performing an action specified by that card. (Opions, Rules, playing Cards part 1) I would guess from how weekly challenges progress can interfere with the correct display of daily challenge progress, the inactive weekly Quest might be connected to the Progress of the dailies.
  19. From my experience i guess, when you have more iterations of a treasure card in one active group than you own the first character(s) keep the card, for the rest you have to choose a new boon. Having the same treasure card in different groups shouldn't be a problem. For when I Salvage: Cards i don't like I only keep one copy for completing the collection. (looking at you Vicious Greataxe) most Cards I keep two copies around. Cards that I like or are really good I keep all the copies I expect to use at the same time. Blessings I keep all the copies I got so far.
  20. My best guess is Merrren gives a bonus to ranged checks, but Lem doesn't have ranged so he is reduced to a d4 for an unlearned Skill instead of using his d8 Dexterity.
  21. I have beaten it in the Tabletop version on second try. But I forgot so many special rules that the first run was doomed anyway. I also realised that I never used augury the correct way back then. I would expect it to be hard to roll a 30+ followed by a 40+ for two characters no matter the circumstances. My experience was that you should bring some superior damage reduction which can't be delivered by most armors. The Sihedron Ring will take care of almost all before and after encounter Damage. Lesser Options would be adamantine Plate Armor, Fortress Shield or the Spell Ward Shield if
  22. Usually I discard nothing. My 4d4 + 8 are plenty to deal with most monsters. In the other cases I prefer to use blessings or support spells. Changing to strength d10 eats a part of the characters synergy.
  23. Can't say about wildcard powers, but for me only the main menu counter updated. The rest of the challenge went without problems. If you played far enough Scenario 4.5 Into the Mountains is one that contains the Mountain Peak. That way you are not reliant on the random generator.
  24. Treasure Map: If you know the last card in the location Deck is a boon and you defeat the treasure Map you can pick up that boon from the bottom instead of the top of the Deck.
  25. Personally I am really curious about playing a Zen Archer and still think that Painted Sajan is a poor Setup for that. Big Maybe if it would have been a Weapon for an Item. For me Sajan is already the worst character, since he is really unreliable without his own fault. He is just terrible at dealing with multiple combat checks between hand refills. Not getting a static bonus from the Amuletts, like with other Weapons, doesn't help either. But that can't be solved without redesigning the character like in the Character Decks. Then aigain I lost more games to Wisdom than any other Check exc
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