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  1. The quests have now updated, but I am still not able to accomplish them. The daily quest correctly shows that I have blocked 5 damage, but I neither received the reward automatically nor am able to claim it in the "Pick up rewards" area. The weekly challenge shows that I have completed one of three daily challenges, though it updated only after an app restart. I didn't want to create a new post for this, in case that was not preferred, but I certainly can if it would work better.
  2. I'm having trouble with challenges similar to some other recent posts, but the solutions on those posts are t working for me. My current daily challenges is to use 10 allies. I don't know whether discarding allies to explore constitutes "playing" an ally, or whether they are only counting the use of a particular ally's ability in context, but I have done a large number of each. My count is still at 0/10, but I know from other users' posts that sometimes this is just a display issue. My currently weekly challenge is "Retrieving Challenge" with a description "Challenge data still being
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