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  1. and after 2 rounds, down 29-0. I have literally not seen an ally yet, but magga has apparently eaten 29 of them?
  2. I understand the mechanic involved, think it's pretty cool. But after one round with my 4 heroes I'm already down 17-0. How can you possibly compete when Magga routinely scored 3-4 points every round?
  3. There is. Looks like pre-patch in terms of done-ness. Cards still locked in vault.
  4. Meaning I have to beat every scenario on legendary again? Ugh.
  5. Was this fixed with patch? None of them unlocked for me...
  6. I have no idea what parties I used to beat what quests. New patch still has it locked for me
  7. Excited for,new content. However still no unlock for the samisen and equivalent for adventure 2 despite beating them all on legendary. Am I out of luck?
  8. Like waiting for Christmas morning! After reading the notes, does this mean the cards like samisen, etc. will be retroactively unlocked since I have completed them all but with different parties? It didn't say otherwise...
  9. That actually doesn't work. ONLY my druid is highlighted to receive the first card, which goes fine. Then I click the blue arrow on the right, and ONLY Ezren is highlighted with the gift of the bouncy untap-able card
  10. Oh good! When is 1.03 coming out? I'm on ipad so apparently much harder to attach a save file than android. It is a rather comical bug!
  11. I get my XP, everyone lived. First guy gets a card reward, no problem. Second character same thing, but when I tap on it, it rapidly floats off the top of the screen, and 'explodes' there like the animation when you get a card. Problem is, I can no longer advance the screen now. Been stuck in quest mode for a week because of this...I'd attach a screenshot but, 1 MB limit? Really?
  12. Half my party has done all of skinsaw. I try only taking them in the party and hook is still locked. On a related note, can only characters who have comp,teed all of skinsaw start hook mountain?
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