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  1. Not a bug per se, but I'm just wondering why we can't see which card from the discard pile gets randomly returned. Now we have to memorize the cards before and after and we'll find out anyway, so there's no hidden information. Why not transport the card to the deck face-up so we can see right away. This goes for Pallegina / Staff of minor healing / ... thanks
  2. It says when you defeat a henchman (Hill Giant Runeslave) but don't close the location, the henchman is shuffled back in. Well... I guess I'm the first player to actually succeed in NOT closing the location and can testify that the ability doesn't work. You just need to go on like usual until you've explored all cards. Your turn doesn't end either. I'm sure it was a henchman (the Giant even). I'm sure people won't mind this "bug" but it's still a bug. I was playing the mage but I doubt that matters.
  3. Obviously a lot of us are waiting for this, as I don't like playing tablet emulators to play the game on my pc. I used Andy based on recommendations from a player here, but it tends to install random content on itself that you have to delete. But hey: it's free and it works fine. Is AmiDuOS better? It seems this is not free, and I don't plan to buy something solely for this game (which I already purchased). That being said, wakasm makes some valid points. The developers realize better than anybody that when you release it on steam with any amount of bugs and potential problems listed here, you're not going to catch any kudos from the players, but rather negative reviews that will undermine potential sales. So I'll wait. It's better to release with all content available anyway. And if I have to start over because my accounts aren't linked, I'm not even going to bother.
  4. If you select loot, you won't begin with one in hand like you're supposed to.
  5. Playing 2.1 - the Skinshaw murders or something - I completed the objective for the first time but did not receive any gold for it. Is this normal?
  6. So after cracking open several chests, I've gotten several duplicates (up to 10 sometimes). Should we sell most beyond 3 copies or is there a point to keeping a load of the same card? I assume the cards stay in your collection? Or do they disappear after use?
  7. Does this actually matter? You can basically get 40 chests for one dolla in the Humblebundle, and more if you buy multiples. Good that the game is in there to attract more potential players, but this is a really, really cheap way to get all the cards. Would we get all the cards with 200 chests? edit: nvm you can only get 2 bundles with the same account.
  8. I thought they fixed this. A pity. You wont get it next level either. Nobody can die in that mode on key levels or you are screwed. They fixed story mode though.
  9. I thought that when you discard the snake the reveal ability is annuled as it's no longer there, but I never played the physical game so I'm not knowledgable on the rules.
  10. Yes, it was something like that. I kept redoing the order and cancelling, but eventually I couldn't cancel the switch to a different combat type. Maybe that's the problem. It makes her annoying to play.
  11. Ah, I see. In most RPG's I'm usually sniping these sirens from a distance, but it makes sense that it's a "battle of wills" in this case. Sorry.
  12. It actually gives 2 dices even though it's a combat situation, where it should give one.
  13. I just noticed that - when a character dies in quest mode - he doesn't get the benefits from leveling up as a result from it. This seems odd. One could argue that - because they died - they don't get the experience. I'd be ok with that. You'd have another play and they level up later. One could also argue that the benefits from leveling won't be unlocked until the character finishes a quest without dying. Experience will stack up but the benefit will trigger later. The way it works right now, though, is quite weird from a design/roleplay perspective, and I'm having difficulties placing this. If a character dies just as they are about to get a skill improvement, he will never ever get it. It doesn't make sense. Most of the times they will already have reached the level threshold before they died. In roleplaying games you sometimes immediately get the "level up". Any chance that this is changing, because it must be frustrating to keep deleting characters or start over just because they died. I don't want to forteit quests as I've had a bad experience in v1.0 with cards seemingly disappearing.
  14. The ones from Adventure mode? They won't appear as these are seperate modes.
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