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  1. Look, I too love the card game, and think this is a great port of that product. However, you cannot excuse the obvious bugs that were not fixed in the beta. Sorry, but they released it far too early and they will suffer for it with the bad press it will generate. Especially for people who do not know the core game.
  2. The worst bugs are not when you lose gold or a card does not work probably. The worst bug is when you waste a lot of time to advance your characters then just to find that you now have to start all over again because you were screwed out of an essential reward. Why bother.
  3. This did not happen to me in quest mode, it happened to me in story mode. So after doing over 10 scenarios those characters will never get that feat..... And I did write to customer support and have received no response.
  4. story mode, ios ipad, 4 character, one had experience before from completing it. Upon completion, the new 3 got nothing. and NO I am not the only one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is beyond me that they would release such a product that clearly was not ready for prime time
  5. Just finished a quest, AGAIN the characters DID NOT get the card feats coming to them, but it now says completed so they never well. Constantly disconnecting from game center so you lose out on gold. Just horrible!
  6. I don't see any of my experienced characters available, is that right?
  7. I know this is the way the real game is meant to play, but is there any reason to turn it on (i.e., more bonus loot?)
  8. where do the cards go when you open a treasure chest. I have yet to see any after several games...
  9. I had the bad luck to buy it twice, and both purchases went through and it doe not work! How do I get a refund?
  10. it says I am logged into the gamecenter, and I can buy stuff from the store. How do I confirm I am logged into pathfinder ????
  11. it says logged into gamecenter, how do I log into pathfinder account?
  12. I think I bought it twice, and nothing has happened????
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