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Quest Mode - Party Difficulty Tier B -> Ever Change?



In my quest mode, I have 9 different characters at level 17, yet it still says Party Difficulty Tier 1 when I start a quest


Does that number ever go up?


I have bough a number of treasure chests so I have a number of cards in my vault, but I rarely see any outside of deck 2


Is that supposed to be the case?  Does how far we have gone in Story mode tie into what cards may show up in Quest Mode?


Thanks for any insight


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Get to level 20 and the difficulty level does increase. It increases in sets of 10.

The card levels Are redistributed in the quest mode, so The modes Are not related in that way.


In other words the card distribution in story mode is based on card level. In quest mode it is based on cards usefullnes.

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