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  1. I'm only 1 daily challenge away from obtaining that ugly Holiday shirt card, but my current daily challenge (The Gift That Keeps Giving) seems to be broken… To complete the challenge, I have to give 15 cards to another character, but the cards I give to one character to another are not tallied. I even try to give 15 cards, in one shot, to one single character, and even THAT didn't work! I hope I won't be denied the weekly challenge prize because of that! Any workarounds? Thanks!
  2. Since Valeros was the only character left to get his reward, I couldn’t select another one. Anyways, I’ve found a «kill-the-patient-to-cure-the-disease» workaround: I’ve deleted the app from my iPad and reinstall it. It was a bit drastic, and I’ve lost my progress, but since my characters were only level 5, I didn’t have a lot of catch-up to do (and now all my character are at the same level).
  3. I’ve been playing the Pathfinder Adventures games for a few days now on my iPad 3rd generation (iOS 9) and it’s fun. I’ve encountered a number of bugs more annoying than game-breaking, except the following one. I’m playing Quest Mode using Merisiel, Kyra and Valeros. On finishing a Quest, Merisiel and Kyra both reached level 8, and Valeros reached level 5. On tapping CONTINUE, I’m brought into the Victory screen where my characters get to receive their rewards. At first, Valeros can’t be selected until I select Merisiel’s and Kyra’s reward (in both cases, a card reward). When i get to Vale
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