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  1. In lack of other options I tried it, and... it worked!!! Just start again in the academy, challenge the Echani Guards, win the matches.... and AFTER that, free your comrades. After that comes the Ebon Hawk... but it is no playable Level, it's a cutscene. It seems that the game is unable to jump into the cutscene when you freed your comrades before you challenged the Echani. Either way, its a bug that needs to be fixed.
  2. Same problem here... You should have a look here: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30311 Same problem, but other part of the game.
  3. You mean everything i've done so far is useless? You're the hell right, i'm not going to re-play the whole chapter just because of bugs... And even if I do, can somebody guarantee it will not happen again in the future?
  4. Well, this is no option either. And of what use should that be? After playing it again, there's a great chance you'll end up with the same bug again...
  5. Well, I don't think that disabling sound should be a valid option. Playing game without sound? No way... As far as the rest goes, i'll give it a try... Has it worked by anyone who has the same problem as I have?
  6. Well, is there any solution yet? Or does this only happen to european versions of the game? This really sucks... if only Obsidian could give us some quick bugfixes or at least the status of the next update. BTW, Is anyone from Obsidian watching this board?????
  7. The same problem with my game. I have posted a topic about the exact same probleme here: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30311 No solution by now, but maybe in some time soon...
  8. Yeah, I also tried updating my drivers fpr my ATI Radeon 9800 Pro... But everything remains the same...
  9. Hi, hopefuly someone can help me. After i'm leaving Atris hidden Jedi Academy my game just goes to a blank screen. I'm walking to the hangar bay, and board the Ebon Hawk. Then comes the cutscene and the ingame scene where Artris is talking about her handmaiden. Then I can see the loading screen, the loading completes and the game goes black. The cursor is still visible and it appears that the game is still running. When I quicksave I can see in the preview picture the interior of the Ebon Hawk. I tried many ways of reloading... nothing works, the error still remains or the
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