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  1. I have had White March 1/2 installed since they were released but never played them. Steam version, all patched up. With POE2 released, I went back to play White March... I have the Stronghold access issue. If I try to access the Stronghold I get the popup 'You cannot access the Stronghold here'. I reloaded the save 'Burial Isle (PRE-ENDGAME)' and it has the same issue, can't access the Stronghold. When I try to run ReactivateStronghold from the console it tells me 'The command or script 'ReactivateStronghold' is not available at this time. What am I missing or what can I do here? Thanks
  2. Tidefall is the best Great Sword in the game, hands down. Throw Burning or Corrosive Lash on it and you are set.
  3. Graze is the problem, well that and confuse/charm/dominate/paralyze/petrify are generally way too common and overpowered, on both sides of a fight.
  4. I played through on Hard and I would say this fight is probably the 2nd or 3rd most difficult in the game. Just too many enemies that charm and there is really no defense against it because of the crit/hit/graze/miss mechanic. The level 6 Priest spell Prayer against Treachery spell or whatever its called helps but not much. All that said, I only attempted it twice, once at like level 10, wipe, than I came back with a level 12 party. It was still hard, and my entire party went down except for Eder. I built him 100% tank and he basically solod the fight. I think I had killed 2-3 of the adds before the rest of the party went down. Eder took on the rest of the fight alone. He would get charmed, often, but it just gave him a breather as the enemies disengaged while he was charmed. Charm wears off and he would go back to tanking the lot of them. Raedric himself would occasionally cast a fireball at Eder that always missed him thanks to Shield style's reflex bonus but would burn the other Fampyr's and Raedric as well.
  5. I am surprised there has not been a press release from Paradox or Obsidian stating sales numbers. I assume this is because the numbers are underwhelming.
  6. Wirtan is the dude from the Temple of Eothas? I let him live, I thought, but never ran into him again.
  7. Second Chance seems to be the same as the Fighter ability Unbroken, but maybe not quite as good? Basically once per rest if you have Second Chance on a piece of gear and you reach 0 END, you revive with like 50% END or something. I love it. Tidefall is the best draining weapon I found. Slap Burning or Corrosive Lash on it and its 12/12 and wrecks things.
  8. I appreciate this thread because I found the plot/stroyline confusing and the 'reveal' over the course of the game murky and poorly done.
  9. Well I went back and I replaced Kana with Aloth. Fight was trivial using Aloth's Gaze of the Adragan on the Dragon. Dragon Petrified and my PC Ranger 1 shotted him.
  10. Potions? I have not really used consumables, or traps, or scrolls to this point but I will load up on them when I attempt the Adra Dragon next.
  11. Yeah they really need to look at the way confuse/charm/dominate/petrify work. They are all way too powerful and with the miss/graze/hit/crit mechanics its really ****ing hard to keep those status effects off you if even you have relatively high defenses for those attacks. Even that high level Priest spell that is supposed to help with charm/dominate does not really work. That sounds like a good plan. In my last attempt, post Scale Breaker, I did something like that but not as well executed and it came down to all the adds being dead and the dragon being 'near death' and my PC, a Ranger. He could not seal the deal, unfortunately. I gave up on it and moved on. I will revisit at some point.
  12. So, the Fampyr that takes you to Raedric offered to serve me after this quest. I told him to go my stronghold, where is he? I assumed he would be on the hireling page, but he is not.
  13. This fight is irritating me. Playing on Hard its very much unlike any other fight, I don't think I have needed more than 2 tries for anything else and those were few and far between. The breath is ridiculous. Its like a 160 degree cone that seems to be unlimited range. Positioning also gets ****ed up very quickly with the adds charming people left and right.
  14. I do think some other classes need tweaks but the answer can not (or should not, IMO) be to buff all the classes to the power level of the Cipher. Its a party based game that can be beaten solo on POTD as it stands. Tossing around major buffs to other classes is going to have a real impact on difficulty for the majority of people who play the game with a party, on difficulties below POTD. Personally I think Ciphers should definitely start fights with less than half focus, and have focus regen cut by 25-33%. They still would be one of the great classes thanks to their abilities being so damn good. Mental Binding is OP, because its 2nd level and costs 15 focus but Ecto Echo is even more ridiculous, if you use it well it can trivialize almost any fight. Honestly if you just go down the list of Cipher powers, while there are a couple that are obviously OP and will get nerfed, virtually all of them are good. Its hard to make a bad power pick when leveling them up.
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