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  1. I know you aren't specifically addressing me, but the "cheese" method of sending the ranger pet in solo so ONLY Raedric aggros (leaving the Fampyrs behind) is clearly not a strategy intended by the game designers and it feels wrong to do it. Using in games items like scrolls or intelligent team positioning I would not class as such.
  2. The second fight vs Raedric seems impossible to do (when he returns as undead). I have done the bounty side quests without issues but this undead Raedric battle is silly, the famyprs just kill everyone in my party instantly. I'm level 10 and have not had this issue in combat before, it just seems impossible. I've had a look about for tips and videos and EVERY SINGLE video is of them cheesing it by using the ranger pet to only aggro Raedric himself. This is clearly not how the fight is meant to go down so has anybody actually done this fight properly cos the Fampyrs just one shot or charm everybody. Anyone got any tips that doesn't involve bugging the encounter with ranger pet so only Raedric himself aggros?
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