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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for making New Vegas. It is the best game I have played since Arcanum, nearly a decade ago. I didn't think a game like this could be made now, with the broader audience, the oversight of the horrible teams at bethesda, and the awful FO3 engine, but you proved me wrong. For the first time in a long time, I just played a game and loved every minute of it. Keep up the good work!
  2. Only thing you can do is buy New Vegas but not Fallout 3 and the next Fallout (4?) by Bethesda. I don't think there's really any other way to support Obsidian without supporting Bethesda's Fallout(s). To be fair, I could argue that the core gameplay of Fallout 3 and New Vegas is the same, and that actually New Vegas is in a lot of way a refinement/correction rather than a revolution, but I don't really want to start a debate on how you feel on Fallout 3. The core gameplay is not what I'm buying this game for. I thought the mechanics, engine, and overall feel of FO3 were pretty ter
  3. I would pirate the game and send Obsidian a check, but the sale is probably more valuable than the cash. I wish that there was an "I think Fallout 3 was a travesty and that Bethesda should not have purchased the license" edition. . .
  4. I know this might sound ridiculous, but I really like Obsidian's games and can't stand Bethesda's, and I want to know if any method of buying the game would be more beneficial to Obsidian than another. Does Obsidian get more money from each sale on steam for example, or does the profit breakdown work the same no matter where I buy it from?
  5. What reviews are you reading? I'm seeing complaints about control, cover mechanics, and the AI. These are complaints about the combat system, not that it involves stats. Remove the action combat and have it work like a traditional rpg like KOTOR, and then all these complaints would drop away and the reviews would focus on how many things Obsidian got right with the RPG side of the game. This is not a topic about stat based combat vs player skill based combat. While both may have their places in different games, the bottom line is that the combat system is causing this game to get som
  6. Obsidian was in a tough position on this game. Wanting to do an action/stealth hybrid makes perfect sense for the genre, and action rpgs like ME1/2 and Elder Scrolls/FO3 have been massive crossover successes, in part because they pull in gamers other than RPG players. But the added appeal is a two edged sword, and with the increasing "sophitication" of the 3rd person shooter genre in recent years (seriously, it has exploded these last 5 or 6 years), the bar to entry into the genre is a lot higher than it used to be. As other people pointed out, Bioware already felt the backlash of making an
  7. TLDR summary: Reviewers like Alpha Protocol's role playing aspects and hate its action combat. Would the game have been better off as a traditional RPG, where the strong role playing mechanics are all that would matter? So the reviews are in, and the scores are not pretty, but an interesting theme has emerged. Although there is some criticism on the writing, voice acting, and characterization (which should all be taken with a grain of salt, given that these same reviewers were pleased with all of these aspects in Fallout 3) the actual role playing mechanics of the game are receiving a t
  8. I hope that Obsidian doesn't go with full voice acting. They probably have a limited budget to work with, and I'd hate to see the amount of dialog in the game limited by the high cost of having every line recorded.
  9. I really hope that this turns out like KOTOR, only without the publisher censoring and rushing. Sure Fallout 3's engine and combat are horrible, but so was KOTOR's and look at the gem they produced then. As much as I HATED combat in FO3, and would love to see turn based (or at least stat based) combat in this game, I reccomend Obsidian sticks with the **** combat and engine, and just focuses on story. The company needs to turn out a game where the story and characterization is not hampered by bugs and poor engine optimization. Of all of FO3's faults, the writing was the worst, and it
  10. Its NOT autoaim that I'm asking for. I'm asking to replace player aiming with character aiming. Stat resolved combat. That's all I'm asking for. The aiming portion is not to avoid having to aim, but to make it so that character skill and not player skill determines hits.
  11. This is essentially the KOTOR/JE combat system that I'm asking for. While that is not a great system at all, at least its stat based, and there is precedent ofr very successful games using this sort of "move in real time, hit with stats" system.
  12. I really don't understand why so many people care about the animation of aiming/attacking coinciding with if you actually hit. Games had an attack animation and a to hit roll that did not go together since animation first began. As far as it being little gain, I'd say giving people the option to play the game as an rpg instead of an action rpg is a pretty huge gain. It would basically set a new standard in the industry, and show that it is possible to make a game that appeals to old genre fans and newer fans/fans of different genres.
  13. I'm not asking for the sticky targeting or target lock because aiming is hard. I'm asking because I'm looking for an alternate gameplay style that is more akin to BG than Doom, where you select a target, and then the character hits or misses based on their stats, instead of hitting/missing being based on me aiming. Its a different style of play and a different style of game, but if it would not be that hard to enable it in AP, then everyone wins.
  14. I'm aware of this, and its exactly what I'm asking to disable. I'm not saying change it for everyone, or even make sure it works throughout the whole game perfectly. I'm just asking for an unsupported option that would take as little work as possible, to just make the game more of an RPG for me. I will buy the game either way, but I would be VERY happy if this option was made available. I'd also bet the option would increase sales, since then the game would have something for everybody.
  15. Just a simple request here. No condescending polls or debate over which type of combat is the best. I just want to know if at this point in the game it would be possible to make an OPTION to enable a sticky targeting system, and have the chance to hit be based on the characters stats. I know that weapons stats are in the game, and I assume the AI must use some form of lock on targetting, so I would think the building blocks are there. Maybe it could even be released for the PC as an unsupported addon or something. But if it is possible with the engine and the stat system to make this happ
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