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  1. Please stop with the racist remarks, not all muslims burn oil with pitchforks. Let's focus on the game instead...
  2. as much as I appreciate the effort, my questions are actually serious. The examples I mentioned are sadly missing from RPGs nowadays...
  3. My friend, that is simply not true, I've never posted on said site. As I recall we used to have a good relationship back in the days...
  4. by going through endless dialogue options, picking the right answer every time and yet strike out because I just can't bring myself to chose "cuddle" the third time around? Will Minsc try to kill me if I don't go and rescue Dynaheir right away? Will I be able to find a ring of protection by randomly clicking on rocks in one of the first maps? I think It's stuff like the above that will make or break Path of Exile...
  5. Yeah, or at least some dead horses lying around that you can beat. Also, wizard hats are essential, there better be wizard hats...
  6. ok, game is pretty good now 'when in rome' my mouse problems have been solved (almost) after billion edits and changes in .ini files and whatnot. It's easier to accept clunky graphics and animations when there is at least some flow in the game play. AI is still horrendous though. The RPG aspect is really nice but that was to be expected. And the checkpoint saving which was infuriating at first now actually makes some sense since it hinders you from an easy reload when you're not happy with a specific outcome.
  7. ok, let's call it a shooter-stealth-martial arts-rpg. Then it fails in 3 out of 4 areas. It's maddening because the RPG part is really starting to shape up.
  8. first you forbid me to use complaints from reviews and when i (apparently) have a complaint that hasnt been brought up in a review, then that complaint isnt valid coz NO ONE has brought it up before... are you on crack? anyway, the graphics, animations and controlls are bad. I mean REALLY bad. I don't mind a shooter-RPG but then it must work both as a shooter AND a RPG. So far i'm too irritated by the shooter aspect of the game to even care about the RPG part... it might get better though, i don't know oh and btw the hacking mini game does indeed suck
  9. the first part of a game is supposed to suck you in, not turn you off...according to a famous bis developer
  10. what the hell do you mean by that? if a review is complaining about something then i can't use that specific complaint but must come up with a new one? anyhow, i've been buying games made by AP devs for more than a decade, and so far this game is the only one i wish i hadnt bought... my judgement might be clouded by the severe mouse issues i'm having though
  11. I'm not trying to troll here but the game is god awful so far. I've never been this inclined to quit a black isle or bioware game after just 40 minutes. However, I did read somwhere that it gets better... and what were you thinking with the hacking mini game? seriously? props for retro style animations and random running around of enemies though, funny as hell.
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