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  1. People like you make me mad to no end. I hope developers ignore you and don't turn the game into incoherent arcadey gibberish.
  2. Is it still true that firearms don't interrupt? If you invest in perception, which increases accuracy, it would be a shame to not use that interrupt potential too.
  3. I never play non-human, non-male characters in any genre of games.
  4. Stats: 19 might, 18 dexterity, the rest into resolve and intelligence Talents: Confident Aim, Disciplined Barrage, Weapon Focus Ruffian, Weapon Specialization Ruffian, Armored Grace, Gunner, Penetrating Shot, Two-Handed Style, Marksman, Quick Switch and Arms Bearer. The whole build would revolve around Quick Switch and Arms Bearer, switching between 3 blunderbusses under penetrating shot modal. So, at the start of every combat it would be able to eliminate 3 enemies in quick succession. After that, gunner and armored grace would further mitigate reload speed penalty. Damage passives would be 30%+penetrating shot+increased minimum damage. What do you think - extreme accuracy, quick-firing, firearm fighter?
  5. As a PC player I spent more time playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer than most RPGs combined. Fun is fun.
  6. Is this true, has the patch ruined another aspect of the game? I'll wait 2 months more so things settle in before I start playing again.
  7. Jesus, what a horrible, unnecessary feature. Just the existence of it degrades the player immersion.
  8. This is truly psychotic, and so many people just go along with it. The society sorely needs to start talking about violent women, how their treat children and male disposability instead of the fabricated rape culture and male privilege.
  9. Not making the game full 3D like NWN2 was a huge, bizarre mistake. It created a host of issues.
  10. By getting hit? By counting the number of encounters since last rest? Is it exasperated by low constitution?
  11. So, does Dexterity affect at all the speed of firearms, which need to be reloaded after each shot, unlike the bows where there is no reload mechanic?
  12. So how come pistol doesn't have a much faster reloading speed? I could swear I've read that somewhere.
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