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  1. Installed the beta, Still have the duplicate icons for watcher ability. Please look at the screenshot.
  2. Volume, not mass But I get what you mean. Since I play PoTD I build my tank with survival to maximize potions. Potions are not always needed, but i am glad i have survival when i do need it. Second thing, best to use mechanics on a class with mechanics bonus, or generally built with options (origin factors etc) for mechanics, meaning not the tank. Third, to handle some of the text adventures that require high survival, you need someone to have it high, might as well be the tank... else team roles get screwy and i don't just mean in role play. But I get your point, there is more than one way to skin a cat.
  3. This time the enemy had the problem... again open space, with a tree on the right side of my tank, spider keeps running back and forth then stops and does nothing... it doesn't seem to understand how to go around the tree to flank my tank. In other words, pathing is not only stopping players, but also preventing enemies from fighting efficiently. This could easily be taken advantage of by shielding (level 1 cleric spell making someone invulnerable) party members to pose pathing problems for enemies. You could even turn large doorways into small doorways (impossible to get past tank) and so on. Besides, realistically, if you are in a corridor, and have a friend in front of you... won't he just step aside to let you pass? In other words no clipping doesnt have to mean people are ghosts, it just means they are realistically gonna step aside to let the guy in the back through when needed. It just makes more sens than people being immovable stone golems, equivalent to unsurmountable walls you have to go around.
  4. It is kinda stupid honestly, just now i was in the OPEN, plenty of space for rogue to go around caster group to enemy, instead he kept running back and forth behind caster group and i had to manually queu a path around.
  5. People like you make me mad to no end. I hope developers ignore you and don't turn the game into incoherent arcadey gibberish. Don't make this personal, stay civilized and argue the point instead. Why I said let them go through? Not as a final solution but as a temporary fix until the next game. The truth is pathing is kind of horrible : 1) If you are in a corridor, your tank will keep bumping into your front instead of being able to go to the front. Why is he in the back? when exploring it is better to put your guy with a lot of mechanic in front so he can detect traps before tank walks into them. You don't typically explore in fighting formation. The more difficult a trap is, the closer you need to be to see it, in od nua often your tank will walk on a trap before you spot it if you do your battle formation to explore. 2) Often VISUALLY there will be enough room for your characters to go around, but they will still be stuck for no reason 3) Sometimes you need to reposition in combat, even if your tank is in front you need your wizard on the side to cast cone spells... when pathing doens't work as it should, this becomes impossible and frustrating, your wizard will keep running back and forth for no reason I said let the character walk through each other as a quick fix to this problem. Of course we can all agree that having a decent pathing AI would be best, but as you might know, pathing problems and AI are some of the more difficult problems to tackle for small studios and it is unlikely you will get perfect pathing overnight.
  6. No and I will tell you why. You find plants, other objects that could serve in crafting. For most games you don't even know if the thing is useful or not. For others, you need to sell a lot of junk to get some money, there is no 10% of items that is worth 20x more as much as all other junk, it is just a bunch of junk that sells for 50 copper each and if you want money you need to ferry it all to town. It is just how most games are built. Not to forget a lot of players start collections... such as getting all the books in skyrim or hell, picking up all the cheese or all the skulls to make a skull or cheese mountain in your home. Who cares why you carry this stuff? PoE did it much better, and i really like not having to deal with the "inventory full" frustration.
  7. Yes it does. Fundamentally, i am going back to town because i ran out of "boxes to put stuff in the UI". There is no emotional connexion or benefit to this. It is just pure, misplaced realism. It makes sens, it is logical, but don't confuse logic with immersion. Would it be fun for you if you got hungry in the middle of a dungeon? needed to pee? Needed to sleep 8 hours every 14 hours? All of these things are realism, yet we don't do them because they are the wrong kind of realism. I place inventory management, especially when you have to empty it every hour of gameplay, the same. You are just emptying your inventory like you would need to empty your bladder... this is not the SIMS. So again, yes it breaks immersion. When someone is telling me a story, any interruption to the story telling better have a damn good reason. Inventory management is not a good reason.
  8. One other thing going for the rogue is the raw damage from deep wounds. It does apply to pierce, and thus ranged attacks. If you build a ranged rogue using fast attacks like bows, the raw damage could stack nicely. The real question is, does it stack with itself with every attack? Can DoTs even crit? Would be awesome if you crit the raw damage. Third question for this build, would it be better to have low intelligence so the raw damage applies faster, or is PoE one of these games that do MORE damage if you extend the duration? (if the engine applies the same damage per tic over a longer period...)
  9. I think your problem is not with crafting, but with lack of interesting weapons and effects. I feel that too. Crafting however is good, because it lets you enhance that bow you found at level 2 and make it usable at level 12, keeping the special effects such as prone on crit or extra speed. This I like, being able to update my weapons. However where you are absolutely right is that they need to add new, more interesting and UNIQUE (not craftable) effects. If we get 20 new effects special to every weapon, and a more original than just more speed and dps, i don't see why being able to enhance your weapons as you level up should bother you. If it's role play you worry about, they could simply move crafting to a merchant menu, such a smith... you already pay copper for crafting, it is just like buying the service from a smith or enchanter, except that it is moved to your inventory for convenience. In the same spirit you could complain that you have unlimited inventory accessible from anywhere and that is not logical. But this is one of the things I LOVE in PoE, because in all games I HATE inventory management. It is such a dull ask that only exists because designers got used to adding it to every game, not questioning its value. There are RPGs I LITERALLY stopped playing simply because I was sick of managing inventory, shuffling items, going back and forth to base and merchants and decide what to sell and what could be useful later. There is nothing I hate more in an RPG than being deep in a dungeon, making progress, being immersed in the adventure of getting to the end of it and so on, then oh, look! *facepalm* my inventory is full, i need to go all the way back to a village to sell some of it. I hate that. It breaks immersion and has no reason of being other than misplaced, dull realism. POE does it better. When realism ruins fun or immersion, fun should always win in the end when it comes to game design.
  10. Haha, well it has been a while, but i think i didn't have to make that decision because much earlier on in the story i did something that enabled me to have my cake and eat it. But yes I love Mass effect too. The only thing is, those decisions were few and far between, and they were not philosophical just emotional. Which is also a good way to build meaningful choices too.
  11. If i go to beta 2.02 the save will automaticly be restauted then?
  12. The hallmark of good writing in RPGs is when you have a choice to make and sit there literally 5 minutes staring at the screen trying to make up your mind because there is no clear cut answer. Too many games are still stuck in the black and white, do good or do bad mentality. When you get more complex choices than that, and it is backed by philosophical reaching questions such as [spoiler ALERT!!!] if gods didn't exist should we create them? and if they have been created and have all the marks of true gods are they true or false gods? should they be respected or fought? would a world without gods be chaotic or a better world? especially when answering such questions is basicly trying to know if human nature fundamentally good or bad, and if it needs gods as watchers and punisher and balancers or not... You have to reach way back to find a game that asks questions at this level.
  13. Oh yes !! KOTOR!! I was sitting at the end of the game, reading the dialogs around the existence of gods and such and thinking "wow it has been such a long time since a game went all philosophical on my like this". I could not put my finger on which game it kinda reminded me of, but that's it, it was Kotor. It takes a special kind of game writer to do things like this, love this stuff.
  14. Minor improvements (possible in a DLC / Patch) Stop AOE damaging spells when combat ends... Lost a couple of characters on iron because they moved (revived on top of) frozen ground after battle ended, and that should not happen. When realism spoils fun, fun should win don't you think? what's the benefit of dying stupidly after combat ends? Ability to reorder spells and abilities for wizard, druid, cleric. We usually use 2-3 of each level 80% of the time, being able to reorder them would be better. especially when we work out a battle opening sequence and don't want to dig in the list every time. Ability to make the spells icons bigger through an option.. they are tiny on big resolutions Somehow half the time we click an ability and it doesn't activate, it is as if the game doesn't register the click... this needs to be solved Let characters in party walk through each other... it is sad to see my tank stuck behind wizards when starting a battle... no clipping would be a lazy solution, but better than the current state and a much faster fix than "improving the pathing AI". And yes I do use formations. Something needs to be done about wizard casting times / delay. Here is a suggestion, if the caster has been auto attacking and we do a spell, it should go out immediately instead of waiting for the "next action" time, because this RENDERS THE COMBAT TOO SLUGGISH TO BE FUN! If we cast a spell, fine put a delay until we can do the next one, but if the mage has been auto attacking and i ask him for a heal, it should go through immediately. Second reason, if it waits for the next tic, that's a time when the enemy will get another attack through, and possibly a third if the spell has long animation. I never take more than 2 spellcasters in my party because combat feels so sluggish with them! it's not the micro involved because i play other games that are more complex but the interface is very responsive and using it feels smooth, it is how sluggish it feels. Please work on this! NO MORE teleporting party in middle of enemies before fight starts (after dialog ends). There are no "taunt" abilities in this game, and casting basic protections is slow, don't do this! The game is mostly good about avoiding this, but there are a couple of spots when this happens and it is very annoying when playing iron mode. Major improvements (probably the next game) Do more with the keep. It feels boring... shops have nothing special. Events are too rare. It just doesn't feel "exciting" as some of the other games did with their keep. Look at dragon age 3, keep feels like a live place where things happens... here apart from a talking statue and generic npcs nothing is going on. It is very boring. Do more with the small, what do you call them? text adventures? when you climb a wall or something. I think it can be more interesting with real choices and outcomes based on your abilities, not just "grats you climbed the wall without breaking your face, want a cookie?". Look at the small text adventures in KING ARTHUR if you need inspiration, they did many things wrong but they got the text adventures best of any game i know. Delay before looting. Seriously? in 2015? Please program this properly in the next game. A quick fix could be simply NOT blocking looting during combat, seriously why block it and add delay? I see no good reason. Ally AI. Instead of having 4 basic settings "aggressive / Etc", let us right click the spells we want our allies to cast automatically. This will be a much more efficient system. If i want my priest to cast will and anti "terrified" buffs all day long, i should be able to. Why not implement it as "if condition then result" like dragon age 2 did? that would also be great. Such as if "ally <35% heal", if "ally is frightened use spell", if "spell reflection expired cast spell reflection on self". At some point we all want some spells to be always on such as spell shield, having to keep watching it instead of focusing on something else is the wrong kind of complexity... please copy the best of old school games not the worst. Less loading screens. Please! The game never uses more than 2GB of ram, which is good, but most systems today have 8GB, and gamers especially often have 16GB. At least load the smaller rooms (such as inns or caves, anything that is not a deep dungeon) in the same area at the same time to remove some of the loading screens. It will maybe boost RAM usage to 3GB but it will be so much better, especially for people without SSDs. Please work on writing those skill descriptions better... some of them are really cryptic. We should be checking forums for strategy, not to understand basic game mechanics and skills. Reading souls of random NPCs is completely useless. I did it for the first dozen then stopped. If you did this for important NPCS that you deal with regularly, maybe... it would be background information. But doing it for npcs we never interact with? ever? why even bother? why should we care? The stories are not even that interesting (compared to other games such as fallout, which are basicly 1) short 2) INTERESTING 3) STORIES), they offer no twist, humor, story telling, or insight into the world... they are just very descriptive of that specific npc we have NO reason to care about. Please do something better with soul reading in the next game. More text adventures! They are used in a couple of spots in the storyline to great effect, such as in the end when you read descriptions and see the small black and white illustration... it can be a great tool for immersion, but we need MORE of them, and we need them to be done better. The interaction with the door on floor 13 of od nua should be the most boring text adventure not the best (limited choices), it could be used more for story telling, letting special moments shine more, and also work great with imagination when regular game engine can't render the situation to its best.
  15. I am playing a rogue on PoTD, and I have to say I am very disapointed... too much micro / positionning + enemies switch target even if you wait for your tank to catch aggro before moving in (which is wasted dps standing around) + it's so squishy it dies in a blink + a lot of "meh" per rest abilities, the only reason i picked some is because there was nothing better to take. So I retrained her as a ranged dps. But here again, it seems VERY weak compared to a simple ranger. Lack of swift strike makes it very slow with heavy weapons, and lack of sources of accuracy on PoTD makes it bad at getting consistent criticals. But most of all between swift strike and dps from wolf I am pretty sure my ranger ends up doing a lot more damage than the rogue. So what do you think? Ranger or rogue to build the ideal archer dps?
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