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  1. I forgot the guys name, but he says " it's a droid it appears to have been damaged by blah blah* and no, also if i try and leave the room the game goes back to the main game menu but i cant click anything or do anything i have to CTRL+ALT+DELETE to close it. And on top of taht whe ni go to the save game editor it shows a third memebr but it has an rror whe ni click it and i cant mess with it. I deleated teh game and im going to redownload it and see if that works. The disk has a bunch of scratches so im hopeing its not messing with the download lol.
  2. After years of not playing i have decided to play teh game again, well im in teh fuel line and the cutscene plays " it looks like a damaged droid" yet T3-M4 is not in the fuel line tube connecting to the ship. The mine is there the steel case is there but no T3. I opend an earlier save and to no avail even an auto save to no avail. I never had an issue before with the game, what is wroung ? also i am running no mod's the only thing i used is a save game editor and an vista patch taht wrote over a DLL. But before this i have had no issues at all.
  3. normal and yeah im levled up, im just not doing any DMG i think my game may be screwy as well. Because i re rolld and its doing the same but this time hacking panles at the star tare showing 12 nodes and pc hacking has 4 solid numbers/letters and lockpicking has 6 pins instead of the three when you start so im thinking something in the INI has been damaged. but i dont feel like reinstalling the game just to replace the INI files LOL.
  4. Yea i figured as much, its just that im trained in pistols and sab as well as melee. I think its a bug or something because i get a full on zoom pistol shot to the head and i do a liver of DMG an ammount that barely even shows on the bar. They turn around and blast me or run up and hit me with full HP and armor and kill me in one hit. I dont know maybe i should just reroll a free lance op LOL.
  5. okay i don't know if this is supposed to be like this or not, but why playing my first time through as free lance i was able to do damage fine. Im playing my 2nd time as recruit i notice i do barely any damage at all head shots do not kill but take away a sliver of HP when i fight in melee all attacks are blocked by the enemy and if im hit in melee once i die in one hit. I thought this may be a bug so i switched back to my free lance toon damage and everything is fine on him but my recruit does no damage has no timers when it comes to any of the hacking or lock picking or alarm removing and does only a sliver worth of damage no matter what i use or where i hit and i cant fight in melee and die in one hit. Any idea why?
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