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  1. Will the riots break any ongoing quests or bar you from any quests? Or will everything be back to "normal"?
  2. What would Edér say? http://cloud-2.steamusercontent.com/ugc/528386038117852036/169A71F68E1F96B5DCA56646CBDAA11BFED934F7/1024x576.resizedimage
  3. While the knobhead SJWs are beyond silly, I think Obsidian handled it agreeably. What I would like to know, is what they would have done, had the original tombstone creator not agreed to a new piece of text.
  4. I'm having the same issue. Game is installed on my C: internal OS drive - SSD.
  5. Alright then. I'll give it some more time, let it grow on me.
  6. But you don't want to play it? Now now Tigranes, you're a mod, you don't have the privilege of sticking your fingers into your ears and screaming lalalala like the other two (3) replies to this thread. While they are nice features, and make me want to play it, the rest is just... Like ordering the perfect steak only to find out the gravy is made of feces. The steak is ruined. I bought it on Steam, would you have any knowledge as to how that works?
  7. Ok.. so I've been pretty stoked for Alpha Protocol and have had minor heart attacks each time they delayed the game, because this game, by the great Obsidian, maker of Mask of the Betrayer (mmm <3) simply cannot go wrong. I was wrong. I should never have wasted those 50 doolars ($) on pre-ordering this game, this game in 'alpha' stage. It is so mind numbingly aggravating I cannot express it ;_; I'll just copy my Gamespot comment. "I was dumb enough to pre-order it. The game is marred by so many annoyances, big and small. (these are some of them) Horrible shooting mechanic,
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