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  1. Hi, I too have just started playing the game and on my first try, I have experienced what OP has mentioned - screen goes black and crashed after rejecting Berath's offer. However, on my second try, it works as per normal and credits are shown afterwards. The game ends there. Edit: Gotta add that you gotta go through the entire intro and walking to Berath scene again if you crashed or rejected Berath's offer. I'm on my third try and it is not fun to experience the intro thrice.
  2. Hello all, I bought the Hero Edition when the game just came out, and at first it was really addicting(I spent like 8 hour straight each day for 3 days) for my first playthrough. My first playthrough was like a semi-speed run, as I just wanted to know the main storyline. So after finishing the game for the first time, I played it again a week later, and this time I made sure to complete all quests and recruit all companions. So, after finishing my second playthough, I'm at a loss on what to do now. Then I asked myself, is this game for me? Why don't I find Pillars of Eternity fun anymore after my 2 playthroughs? If it helps, I'm not much of an achievement hunter, nor someone who plays above Normal difficulty. Don't get me wrong, the game, its art and its background music is great and beautiful, but... I just stopped playing.
  3. Don't the people of Gilded Vale hate Lord Raedric? Why am I losing reputation when I kill him on top of the tower? I just want to have a good rep with cities. =(
  4. On my first playthrough, I killed Lord Raedric. The ending showed him reviving from the dead and killing everyone in Gilded Vale. What's the ending when you help him kill Kolsc?
  5. Well darn, I've completed the game and I didn't realise Defiance Bay would be open again. Many thanks!
  6. Is it possible? I don't see an option to enter the cities after the riot starts. There are quests I've yet to do there =(
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