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  1. Oblarg


    The only musical "Exodus" that I know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S39dW-QJByo Far beyond the myriads of crypts and pyramids Beyond the harpy-vultures guarding their tombs Arcana awaits...
  2. I got the "Alright, I'll do that" option and a few others at the same time asking more questions. I went with those, and the "Alright, I'll do that" never popped up again. Eventually it just hit a point where the conversation exited and then talking to Atton would just elicit a single line of dialogue from him and that was it.
  3. Hate to be a spoilsport, but I just ran into a bug - if you select certain dialogue choices with Atton on the Ebon Hawk after escaping Peragus, the "so what was your lightsaber like" exchange will not occur.
  4. This is how I saw it, too, rather than having him become the "new" Batman.
  5. And this really is simply an inaccuracy in your worldview. This is no different than an organization refusing to admit black members, just as gay marriage is really no different than a state refusing to allow interracial marriage. The sooner people see this, the sooner we can move forward as a society.
  6. You misunderstand me. Were I to design a high school curriculum, there would be a mandated course in basic statistics, followed by a mandated course on common cognitive biases. I do not think I have ever heard of a public school system that actually does this. Mine certainly didn't, and it was regarded as one of the best in the country. Having teachers well-versed in the subject and rigorously teaching the subject are not the same thing.
  7. The idea that "critical thinking can't be taught" is false - the single most important step towards a more accurate appraisal of the world around you is the ability to recognize the biases inherent to human psychology. This can very clearly be taught, and the general lack of such education is one of public schooling's greatest failures.
  8. If anything, the stance on homosexuality they published is even more shameful than the education "oversight." What a pack of bigots.
  9. Yeah, would be an interesting setup for further material in the universe, for sure. A lot better than "all synthetic life has been destroyed and the relays are gone." Of course, I doubt they'd have ever done any ending involving the loss of Earth, what with all the "take back Earth!" marketing noise and whatnot. It's ironic - BioWare really like to talk about how they're mature enough as writers to not write a happy, "the enemy is defeated and everything is fine" resolution to the story with Shepard riding off into the sunset, yet they still bend over backwards and defy plausibility to keep Earth at least somewhat intact at the end of the game, as if they think that losing Earth would be too much of a downer ending for their target audience.
  10. Hadn't even thought of that, but yeah, that too. I mean, the whole series kept harping on how humanity is judged by the sacrifices they're willing to make for the galactic good - what bigger sacrifice is there than blowing up your home system to save everyone else?
  11. It still would have been vastly superior to leave the Reapers shrouded in mystery. Whether you accept it the logic of the Starchild or not, his very existence takes the Reapers down a few pegs on the "impressive villain" scale. Sacrificing our solar system to stop them would have been a much more fitting ending for the scope of the conflict, I think.
  12. I was personally hoping that the Crucible would be something capable of causing a dark-energy-based star explosion (like what was happening on Haestrom), on a rapid timescale. Thus, the end could involve winning the war by sacrificing Earth and all its inhabitants by essentially blowing up our Sun (and most of the Reapers, with it). Now *that* is a bittersweet ending. No need to elaborate on the Reapers' motivations or history. Leaving them nebulous makes them a far more convincing antagonist than bringing them down to "the tools of some ancient AI whose logic falls apart under any sort of scrutiny."
  13. Oblarg


    Eugh, every time I try listening to post-Gutter Ballet Savatage I wonder what happened to the band. If you're going to do keyboard-based hard rock-ish trad/power metal, at least do it right: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsFV2aEHyR4
  14. I have a life. I haven't played WoW (minus that ten-day trial) since WotLK, nor did I spend a particularly large amount of time/effort on it when I did. However, I did bother to learn how to play my class properly, and had fun with what challenging content there was (rather than the dull daily quest grind that seems to keep the majority of the player-base placated these days).
  15. Nice response. Never occurred to you that "fun" and "challenging" need not be mutually exclusive? If it's too much to ask of your player base to choose effective talent builds and proper gear in order to effectively complete content, then your game likely isn't worth playing. WoW has crossed this threshold. This idea in MMO design that people should have to make no effort to learn how to play the game before being thrown at actual content serves only to reduce the enjoyment of that content for the people who bother to not suck. WoW is at the point where it's simply no longer fun to play due to this. It was always a casual-friendly, relatively easy game. Now it's utterly trivial and dull (and, despite this, the majority of players are still ****ing horrible).
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