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  1. From what I got reading the press release about the announcement, there is the new Obsidian game they plan to announce, but separately they also mention Paradox demoing several new games for the press including a secret Paradox game. So my interpretation is that TWO new games will be revealed tomorrow, with the second one being an almost-finished Paradox game that does not involve Obsidian.Sorry for the late response but project knight rider is, the same project as the obsidian project. Shams Jorjani from paradox shared the test under the hashtag projectknightrider. Here is the tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/ShamsJorjani/status/708342845615312896
  2. In the paradox forum there is a new thread about the announcement called Project Knight Rider. Here is the thread: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/what-is-this-project-knight-rider.913566/
  3. I wouldn't expect an announcement for a WoD game anytime soon. Martin Ericsson said in a recent interview, that they will only announce a game when they know when the game ships. Here is the interview: http://www.worldofdarkness.news/Articles/tabid/95/Article/13/WoD-News-interview-with-White-Wolf-Martin-Elricsson.aspx
  4. There will be an anouncement on 15th march 5 pm from paradox and obsidian (livestream from the gdc). A comment on the facebook page says that it is not WoD related. Paradox will also show a demo of an unanounced game to the press at the gdc. Source is the end of this test: http://humanresources.paradoxplaza.com/
  5. I hope it wasn't posted somewhere. You can find a preview for the guidebook at dark horse comics site. Shows part of the chapter about gods, bestiary and the history of eastern reach. you can also find the first 12 pages on amazon.
  6. [Description of the issue] The slaying beast enchantment adds the slaying wilder enchantment to the weapon. It also seems that the slaying enchantment doesn't work. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) enchant a weapon with slaying beast 2) see that you enchanted the weapon with slaying wilder instead 3) Now attack a troll/ogre or vithrack with the weapon 4) See that in the console you have normal accuracy and not increased accuracy(works with any slaying enchantment) [Expected behaviour] slaying beast is added and slaying adds the accuracy to the enemy type.
  7. [Description of the issue] Deep Faith and disposition boni doesn't change the defense improvements of Faith and conviction.(see screenshot) [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Make a Paladin 2) Choose Deep Faith as a talent/increase a level of your favored disposition 3) See that the defenses don't improve. [Expected behaviour] Deep Faith does improve the defenses of your character. In the screenshot the defenses should be: Def: 60 Fort: 60 Ref: 68 Will: 76 [Other remarks / Comments] Deep Faith shows the disposition changes for faith and conviction(see screenshot) [Files]
  8. If you speak with Lord Harond about his missing daughter the first time and answer "Your child is missing, I take it.", the guard reacts if you are a raider or drifter and instead of the text you get missing strings.
  9. [Description of the issue] Any affliction(maimed, Fatigue) one of your characters have will go away after the conversation with the Ogre. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Get an affliction/if you just go to the ogre you should have Fatigue on low athletics characters. 2) Talk to the Ogre 3)See that all afflictions on all characters have been healed. [Expected behaviour] You still have the afflictions after the conversation [Other remarks / Comments] If you had minor Fatigue before the conversation with the Ogre, you will still get major fatigue next, so the counter for fatigue isn't reseted . I'm sure I have encountered this bug, on other places but I could only reproduce it with Korgrak. Talking to Rumbald, and Dengler doesn't cure afflictions, so it's not every conversation.
  10. Imo the finding hidden object system is good as it is. If you just run by anything you don't find the secrets. Finding hidden objects with mechanics is also a good idea, you need mechanics for disarming traps, so making it any other skill/attribute is a bad idea. I don't use stealth so I can't say anything to the current system.
  11. [Description of the issue] If you create a nature godlike character you can't change the hair colour, but if you first try to make another race and choose a hair colour, the hair colour of the nature godlike is the last choosen hair colour of the previous race [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1) Select a nature godlike during character creation 2) Note that the hair colour is brown. 3) choose a class, attributes a background and see that you can't change hair colour of a nature godlike. 4) go a few steps back now choose a wild orlan, the default hair should be green. 5) now go a step back and choose again a nature godlike 6) note that your hair is now green. [Expected behaviour] Hair colour of a nature godlike doesn't change if I choose a different hair colour during character creation. [Other remarks / Comments] Bug works for both male and female nature godlike. [Files]
  12. You have forgotten: Nature's Balm - level 3 spell Cleansing Wind - higher level spell
  13. [Description of the issue] The attack speed modifier for daze effects is better on a critcal hit than on a graze/normal hit. A graze has an attack speed from *0.425, a normal hit from * 0.85 and a crit has a modifier from * 1,275. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] 1. make a high dex priest. 2. use interdiction on enemies. 4. go with the mouse cursor over the daze effect. 5. See that a daze effect increases attack speed on critical hits. [Expected behaviour] attack speed modifiers should be worse on critical hits for daze effects. [OTHER REMARKS] I'm not sure if only the display value is wrong, or if citcial daze effects really make enemies faster.
  14. I think the plan was always to divide normal items from ingredients(They talked about this really early). I think they changed it because the resting system was changed:
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