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  1. Do the +Damage-Type Talents like Scion of the Flame affect Weapon enchantments of that particular type? I am asking cause I find a lot of Info suggesting they do not, while a few comments imply that issue has been fixed. Thanx for the input!
  2. From the patchnotes: "There is also a new quest line that allows you to defend your claim to Caed Nua (will be released in 3.0 final)" Does that mean 3.0 is not yet really out and they are already preparing a "final" version with that said feature? Additionally, I have difficulties finding the level cap with White March 1 and 2 installed, since the PoE-wiki is notoriously out of date: Is the current level cap with both expansions installed 16? Thanks and sorry for my dumb questions.
  3. Thanks for the input! I simply lost track to all stages of PoE´s patching and was very unsure what has changed.
  4. So that means crowd control abilities are (too some extent) of various use. However, pure damage spells like mind blades and the like are still free of any "immunities" as long as you can hit the enemy / overcome his defenses, right? Sorry for the stupid questions; i stopped playing PoE over a year ago.
  5. I head there are new enemies in the game that are immune to certain conditions. Does Cipher suffer heavily?
  6. I did not so much want to discuss difficulty, but the amount of immunities one encounters in the course of the game that could/could not make certain cipher powers and/or build very restrictive to play. I heard that there´ve been a few immunities introduced in past patches, so I just wanted to know!
  7. Hey guys, with the new xpac WMII in mind, is a cipher slinging offensive spells at his enemies still viable on "hard", or do I have to take serious immunities into mind? Which powers proved to be overwhelmingly usefull throughout the entire game regarding various immunities, especially if you consider going the (less effective, yes!) melee cipher route? Thanx for your input!
  8. Does anybody know if the new Cipher Power "Reaping Knives" can be cast on the Cipher himself?
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