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  1. Game mechanics wise, I'd like to see more synergy in the abilities of a class. Replaying BG2 again I am reminded how fun it is to use various combinations of spells that elevate them beyond the sum of their parts. In addition higher level spells are not always replacements, but can often enhance lower level ones to be relevant in higher level play despite their innate weakness.
  2. The removal of FF is potentialy disappointing. It's fun when you have some really strong AoE that's situational because of FF and you're setting up good situations with your team to take advantage. Just because the majority of used skills is party friendly doesn't mean that hostile skills have no place.
  3. Codex getting the scoops even before the news outlets post them xD. So far I'm kinda tentative about the game. I guess the demo was more of a culmination of past choices and will also have further consequences for the story? The combat looks slower than PoE, but still with active skill spam. Writing I can't really judge, though the conversation options don't seem many and the "two anus" joke made me facepalm really hard. So from the gameplay: Battles are smaller (on purpose or cause of the engine?) Abilities are on cooldown instead of per encounter/per rest (think I saw 20ish to 40is
  4. I'd like a tighter story. Replaying MotB it reminded me how the themes explored should permeate the world and connect it to your personal story. The "big reveal" at the end of PoE seemed kinda flat and unrelated. I enjoyed the conversations with Myrkul and The Founder much more than with Iovara. And I'd also like for the story to be more connected with the gameplay. For example in PS:T your character is built through the story and your deeds as much as through XP. While it need not be present to THAT extent, I do miss the narrative "excuses" for gameplay mechanics that were for example in
  5. On the other hand I find it bothering that there's many references and modernisms in the game. I was even expecting people to be upset about it like for siege of dragonspear. Overall the expansion was quite enjoyable though, I liked the lower amount of "random stuff" on the map, too. Still I think I prefer hearts of stone, though I'd be hard pressed to point at something as the reason why.
  6. I quite enjoyed the game. I think they struck a nice balance between various rpg aspects. The main themes and story line are present throughout the game, with the side quests not being too far detached. It's grounded enough not to feel like some silly fan fiction, but in keeping with the lighter tone of the world from the BG series. The companions seemed better integrated than in BG1, so more BG2 style conversations happen. They've also added some optional companion meddling in certain quest resolutions which I think is a nice touch. Items seemed prety diverse and interesting with some
  7. The whole premise makes me kinda sceptical. Obiously it depends on how exactly the things are gonna work, but on paper it reminds me of a BioWare style binary reputation system. I also wonder how they will portrait people living under an opressive regime. It could be very complicated, but it could also be very romanticised. I'm hoping for lots of depth and exploration there.
  8. Animal companions have 5 DR bypass on their own. It was mentioned as one of the ranger boosts on the somethingawful forum by Sawyer.
  9. Not sure if this counts but I don't use any kind of limited use consumables. Also I only enchant named gear.
  10. I've always thought the minimum damage is the (MIN) you do sometimes due to DR on the target.
  11. Is it by design that it affects radius and not the actual area? E.g. 19 Int gives a "+54% Area of Effect" but in reality a circular AoE has a 54% larger radius, thus increasing the area itself by 137%.
  12. What if Eothas is actually Woedica? The queen got exiled and depowered by Magran, but the god of rebirth was born from it. Since the plan to conquer the Dyrwood didn't work, the Leaden Key had to use a different plan to gather the souls.
  13. Oh you reminded me, I'd also like to see some scaling effects on crowd controls, for example stun on hit/crit, daze on graze and so on.
  14. Everyone has their 2c about the game mechanics, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to share my brainstorms and pet peeves: Weapons: I think they could use some standardization and changes to their extra properties. Certain weapons just seem objectively better than others. - Stilettos and Estocs, 1 less dr penetration, so you have a nice 2,3,4 progression. I think these 2 weapons stand out from their counterparts. - Daggers changed to have dual damage, like swords and greatswords. Seems to fit. - Sabres changed to standard damage and given +5 accuracy, half taking the role of daggers. - Axes (Ha
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