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  1. That's New Age if I've ever heard it! xD I could be! But I don't think there's enough in the game itself to support this theory. It does make sense, though.
  2. But those don't necessarily mean that gods must exist. Just like we can't try to explain zombies in zombie movies without the movies falling apart after the realisation that zombies are not possible, it can't be discussed why there is magic in Eora without reaching the conclusion that magic isn't possible either. Accepting that those things can exist in a fantasy setting, souls, magic and reincarnation can be just part of the physical laws that govern the universe of Eora. Without the need for intervention by a divine power. :| There's also the argument that the Engwithans found there
  3. That's crazy! I'm not saying I don't think it can be true; but it needs polish! As for the priests, I guess this means that, in Engwithan times, before the gods were created, when people believed in false gods, they could have had priests who were devoted to those non-existent gods and still get power like present priests can! Does that mean that, basically, all priests are deluded people with super powers? xD
  4. Hylea's ****! Where does it say that? If the power comes from the priest himself, then Eora was even more atheist that I thought! xD Kudos to Obsidian for daring to make such a setting. The strongest argument I see presented is Durance. Magran doesn't even talk to him in the room with the gods, does she? I guess it makes sense also because a paladin works in a similar way, but there's no god involved in his bonuses or penalties. Cool! OK! So, Eothas is not alive. ._. As for Thaos, erasing his memories from the soul itself makes sense. Thanks! I guess that's what it is!
  5. Those replies back the idea that it's Woedica doing that service for Thaos. Sounds plausible! But then, what's the purpose of erasing his memories when you kill him if Woedica can just give them back? That ending seems to do nothing. But I haven't chosen it, yet. So I don't really know. About Eothas Here's an argument for his continued existence! You can be a priest of Eothas. Priests have the Holy Radiance skill that has a stronger or weaker effect depending on how the priest respects the god's wishes. Doesn't that mean that Eothas is alive, granting the priest his bonuses or penaltie
  6. Ah, I think you are right! I don't remember who says that, but I remember it (Lady Webb?). That makes sense. I no longer need to think about how a 6 year old Thaos deals with all that knowledge (just picture a toddler with an awesome white beard).
  7. 1 - Woedica cheating could be the reason. But it's true we don't know the in-between forms, either. Still, Iovara knows him as "Thaos", too. Why does he always have the same name? I'd say that, remembering past lives, means he decides himself to use the same name every time. Also, Lady Webb knows him from years ago. I guess it's the same incarnation; but I don't remember if she recalls him as a young man, because Thaos is always an old man with a white beard. Another thing: if Woedica is the one granting Thaos his memory, wouldn't the option of the Watcher making Thaos forget, be useless, as
  8. Thanks for the replies! Here are some observations: 1 - In that regard, why is he always born a white male with reasonable testosterone production? Was he never born as another kith? Or even a different, non-kith species? How is this happening? Is Woedica doing it or is it the work of some Engwithan magic/science? 2 - You are right. In my second playthrough, Durance just explained that about the Godhammer and I forgot by the time I asked. Magran doesn't seem to miss Eothas, when you talk to her, though. So much for their respect for balance. What was her reasoning, again? 3 - As I
  9. Hello. I beat the game once, and I'm wondering these things. Anyone can help with answers or theories? Thaos As I understand it, Thaos dies each life and is reborn with his memories intact; but does that mean he is always reborn in the same body? How does that work? In all visions of him, he looks the same. Also, there's an option when you kill him where you can let him keep his memories... Isn't that the same as having done nothing? Other than having stopped his plan, I mean. He's going to come back, isn't he? Eothas Did Eothas really want to stop the whole plan from the beginning?
  10. When you are in Sun in Shadow, and the Watcher does the thing where the souls come out and start lighting the whole place. Right after, Edér says something like "I had a thing in my eye. I missed most of it. Can you do it again?" I couldn't stop laughing at that line. There was such a sombre mood and Edér's line just broke it. xD
  11. Guys, why do you hate Cyphers? D: Also, on Linux I could never see capes on characters; but on Windows, I can. What could the reason be? Other than that, this looks like a great patch! :D I'm looking forward on once again using Aloth's book slam which was stuck on "already activated". T_T
  12. I'd suggest you install the fan patches. Before doing that, I'd be walking on the Lower Ward at one point, and suddenly I'd be looking at my desktop wallpaper, as the game crashed. I don't know if that was a common problem, but I've installed the patches every time I've played ever since I knew about them. I guess a mage is a good idea, but if you want high survivabilty and the ability to avoid and talk my way out of combat situations that sounds a bit like a thief, to me.
  13. Planescape: Torment Deus Ex Arcanum Fallout Fallout 2 ...and hopefully, in the future: Arcanum 2! I've played more, but I've reduced the list to the absolute best.
  14. Haha! So glad you put the link, because your point by point answer is interchangeable with religious zealotry, so much that it'd have been strange if no one noticed it. xD Thanks for posting this. Fanboys are bad. But this is a company that like to produce mature games for mature audiences, and I'd guess fanboys tend to be immature. I hope time doesn't prove me wrong, though. o_o
  15. Definitely Torment. It can be adjusted for a widescreen and it also has the perk of being the best game ever made. You can't go wrong! But don't forget to install the fan patches. Otherwise, you'll need to get used to lots of crashes.
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