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  1. Do you have to use up any remaining credit before confirming your pledge or can you do it afterwards?
  2. In PoE the above mentioned weapons are strictly damage dealing (and maybe some bonus effect on the side). So my suggestion is to expand the abilities of these weapons beyond that, and let them cast buffs and debuffs. Such as reducing enemy DR, improving accarucy of party members, etc. Of course this would need to be balanced so it wouldn't compete with "proper" spells. And if implemented, should these abilities be weapon specific or doable with any wand by choice of the player?
  3. With 3.0 and both parts of TWM out, I want to re-spec my party. My current party composition is: * My character (fighter, meadow folk human) * Grieving Mother * Pallegina * Sagini * Aloth * Durance All at level 12. I don't really have any specific requirements or wishes, I just want to hear some good ideas based on the changes in 3.0.
  4. I don't mean that PoE should have been a copy of BG2, just that the general level of quality is something to aspire to. Do I play RPG's for their narrative? Sure, but not in the way you seem to describe. I see narrative and story as just another element of game design, not something that you plow through for its own sake. I don't think making a game world and then populating it with people and quests is bad thing on its own, but the way it's done in PoE makes it a bit repetitve. Because, as I said above, it's almost excusively similair wilderness areas where you find dead adventurers with
  5. Point taken. Just to clarify, I didn't hate the side quests, I mostly enjoyed them but had higher expecations. I agree that the quests you mentioned were particularly good, especially Readrics (the best one imo). But I would still generally like to see fewer, but better quests, and maybe at least a couple of mini-campaign style. But isn't "The Man Who Waits" part of the main quest? Like I said, I think the game systems were good and enjoyable, even better than the IE games in some regards (especially when it comes to melee characters). But it lacks surprises and variety in the lo
  6. (tl;dr available at the bottom) I recently finished my first playthrough of PoE. And I'm glad to say that I enjoyed it, and if I had to rate it I would give it a solid 4/5 rating. I think it captured all the important stuff about the IE games. As a backer, I'm satisfied with the end result. But like most nerds on the internet, I also like to complain about stuff. And I'm writing this in order to complain about stuff that hopefully will give Obsidian some constructive feedback for the sequel. When it comes to the RPG-systems and mechanics I agree with many of the common criticisms o
  7. I'd prefer real-time like the original, but don't mind this change. As long as the combat speed isn't too slow and the encounters aren't too long.
  8. XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Baldurs Gate 2 (GOG version). Enjoying the frick out of both of them!
  9. Novus AEterno: A true AAA MMORTS My friend is working in this project, so please consider backing it!
  10. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have a party related question as well. I'm currently playing through the game for the first time and trying to figure out what party I should roll with. I currently have the "canon party" (Minsc, Khalid, Jaheira, Imoen and Dynaheir) and I'm playing as a fighter myself. Will this suffice or should I try to get another mage/cleric/etc into the party? I'm still very early in the game, just finished the Nashkeel Mines and I'm at lvl 2.
  11. I think it has been made pretty clear that a new Obsidian Fallout would stick to the american west coast area. And I don't think "New Vegas 2" literally means it will take place in Vegas again.
  12. Thank you for the replies. Looks like I could use some more hints though (but don't make it too easy):
  13. *BUMP* So, quick question (potential spoiler!) - is it possible to gain knowledge about Ravel without joining the sensates? I'd prefer a straight yes/no answer to avoid any spoilers. I've really gotten into the game now, altough I've been on a bit of a break in order to play other stuff.
  14. So, I made it back into the catacombs but I'm still very week. I'm a mage now, trained by Mebbeth, and my only offensive spell (chromatic orb) is currently limited to one use a day, meaning I'm forced to resort to using my fists and getting my ass handed to me by rats as a result. And I can't find anywhere to rest in the area. What should I do? Man, I haven't felt so bad at a game in a long time. ;_;
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