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  1. I sure hope so! Can't wait to kill all men with video game feminism!
  2. Do you have to use up any remaining credit before confirming your pledge or can you do it afterwards?
  3. In PoE the above mentioned weapons are strictly damage dealing (and maybe some bonus effect on the side). So my suggestion is to expand the abilities of these weapons beyond that, and let them cast buffs and debuffs. Such as reducing enemy DR, improving accarucy of party members, etc. Of course this would need to be balanced so it wouldn't compete with "proper" spells. And if implemented, should these abilities be weapon specific or doable with any wand by choice of the player?
  4. With 3.0 and both parts of TWM out, I want to re-spec my party. My current party composition is: * My character (fighter, meadow folk human) * Grieving Mother * Pallegina * Sagini * Aloth * Durance All at level 12. I don't really have any specific requirements or wishes, I just want to hear some good ideas based on the changes in 3.0.
  5. I don't mean that PoE should have been a copy of BG2, just that the general level of quality is something to aspire to. Do I play RPG's for their narrative? Sure, but not in the way you seem to describe. I see narrative and story as just another element of game design, not something that you plow through for its own sake. I don't think making a game world and then populating it with people and quests is bad thing on its own, but the way it's done in PoE makes it a bit repetitve. Because, as I said above, it's almost excusively similair wilderness areas where you find dead adventurers with a letter on them that you end up delivering to someone in a nearby village, or something like that. Regarding being rewarded for playing the game, I actully agree with you. I think no XP for kills is the right way to go. My point is that some of the area design in the game goes against this. When it comes to Od Nua, I was referring to him and his backstory on a general and thematic level, not putting his exact story and The Endless Paths itself as it is into the main quest.
  6. Point taken. Just to clarify, I didn't hate the side quests, I mostly enjoyed them but had higher expecations. I agree that the quests you mentioned were particularly good, especially Readrics (the best one imo). But I would still generally like to see fewer, but better quests, and maybe at least a couple of mini-campaign style. But isn't "The Man Who Waits" part of the main quest? Like I said, I think the game systems were good and enjoyable, even better than the IE games in some regards (especially when it comes to melee characters). But it lacks surprises and variety in the long run. I think this video sums it up pretty well.
  7. (tl;dr available at the bottom) I recently finished my first playthrough of PoE. And I'm glad to say that I enjoyed it, and if I had to rate it I would give it a solid 4/5 rating. I think it captured all the important stuff about the IE games. As a backer, I'm satisfied with the end result. But like most nerds on the internet, I also like to complain about stuff. And I'm writing this in order to complain about stuff that hopefully will give Obsidian some constructive feedback for the sequel. When it comes to the RPG-systems and mechanics I agree with many of the common criticisms or can at least see where people are coming from (”balance” and all that jazz), even though I overall enjoyed the combat and game systems. I think they have the right idea at their core, but the execution is slightly flawed at times. But this has been covered a million times before by people with a better understanding of the systems than me, so I won't be talking about that here. Instead, I want to talk about two other topics: scope and quality. To put it simply, PoE would have been an even better game if it had been a smaller game. By that I don't just mean cutting stuff, I also mean re-thinking certain things for the sake of quality and consistency. Most of the things I will mention are either not good enough or have little to no real impact on the game at all. I'm not saying the game was a total exercise in quantity and everything was bad, but I think more important aspects of the game suffered beacuse of it. I can understand why Obsidian planned and made these features. Some of them sound good on paper to the players and some of them are to pad out the game so you can promise that the game is as big as the earlier IE games (which was mentioned in interviews before release quite a lot). And most of these things aren't necessarily bad, they're just mediocre or not needed for a game like this. I will go through all of these things, their problems and suggest potential improvements. Main quest: I think the story was overall interesting and had many good concepts and themes, but it still felt thin. Especially act II, which was basically just traveling to three similair locations to learn things that weren't that surprising and didn't develop the plot or characters in any significant way. I also think the main quest should have been longer. The begining and the ending were the best parts. I obviously don't know what story is planned for the sequel, so I will avoid commenting on that specifically. But something I would definetly like to see is having the main quest and side quests cooperate more. I don't mean making them one and the same, but rather having side quests making sense within the main plot and reinforcing the events, characters, locations, themes and so on. For example, in BG2 you need to raise a lot of gold in order to go after Imoen in Irenicus. And how do you do that? By going out adventures of course! In New Vegas, you're encouraged to get to know and try to recruit the other factions in the wasteland while working for one of the main factions. While doing so, you do their side quests to improve your character and gear and learn about these factions, their inhabitants and the potential consequences of your actions. If a similair system can be made for PoE 2, it could enhance both the main and side quests a lot. Side quests and tasks: Here is where the game really could have used more quality and less quantity. Most of side quests played well enough and weren't bad, but not that memorable either. The tasks seemed like an unecessary way to pad out the game. BG2 should be the gold standard when it comes quality of side quests in RPG's, especially in a spiritual successor to it. I'd rather have fewer really well made quests that are bigger and have various ways of completeing them and different outcomes based on that rather than more quests that are decent but end up feeling generic and forgettable in the larger picture of things. The side quests in BG2 felt like mini-campaigns and were generally very memorable because of it. I think it was George Zetis that described the side quests in BG2 as being designed like D&D modules. That problary sums it up. The Stronghold: An underwhelming time and money sink. The only thing about it I found worthwhile was the bounties since they offered unique and challenging encounters and oppurtunity gain XP. But you wouldn't need the stronghold for this feature. I'm not the first to mention this and I know that the stronghold will be updated in the next patch. But for the sequel, I think it should be either completely cut, drastically smaller in scoope or just quest based like it was in BG2. Wilderness areas: They weren't fun or interesting in BG1, and aren't in this game either unfortunetly. They're mostly samey areas populated by enemy mobs and occasionally a cavern with even more enemy mobs. Which is totally counter-intuitive to the games idea about no XP for kills, since there is no other reason to explore them. And there aren't really any interesting quests or items to be found in these areas either. So yeah, I think wilderness areas should be cut completely unless they are part of a specific quest line. The impression I get is that many areas in general were made first, and content made for them afterwards*. It should be the other way around, where area design is informed by quests. That's one of the reasons BG2 side quests worked so well imo, the areas felt built around the story and concepts of the design of the quest. * Of course I don't know if this how Obsidian actully made them, but that's what it feels like Dungeons: Same as above for the most part. They seem to be either caves or old stone ruins of some kind populated by spiders and phantoms. Areas/locations in general: They are all very beautiful and pretty to look at, but the game suffers a bit from a lack of variety in scenery. Pretty much everything is more or less forrest/greenlands, medival villages/cities and the samey caves/dungeons mentioned above. The Endless Paths: Cool on paper (and a convinient Kickstarter strech goal), but in game it was just a drag. The good things about it were the Vithraks, Od Nua himself and his story and the end boss. But all of that could either have been condensed into fewer levels or been better used elsewhere in the game. For example, I think it would have been possible to work Od Nua and his story into the main quest somehow (since they have the same core theme), which would have fleshed out the main story and made it longer (as mentioned above). Reputation and factions: Seriously underwhelming feature since it's barley present in the game at all. It had no impact on how I played the game whatsoever. The factions only make a brief apperence in the main quest and I have no memory of my reputation affecting anything. Since reactivity is something I and others definetly want in these games, this needs to either be improved drastically or re-thought and rebuilt completely. In order for factions to work, their institution and effect on the game world needs to be properly modelled and displayed, as well as the consequences for the player if they go with or against them or do things they like or dislike. Good examples would be The Shadow Thieves and the vampires in BG2, or The Legion and NCR in New Vegas. In other words, making factions that matter to the game experience takes some effort (duh!). So if this can't be done properly within the scoope of the game project, then maybe bring it down a bit. Perhaps make the choice between important individuals rather than whole factions, and focus on weather or not they like what the player does? Kings, generals, politicans and such. That way, you would give the player a choice when it comes to taking sides, but without having to model how a whole faction reacts to it. And again, I'd rather have fewer quality choices here than many choices that are either samey or underdeveloped. When it comes to personal reputation, it needs more consistency in how it's gained and it needs to be gained more often. As it is right now, you end up with small numbers across many different types of reputation (at least I did). And, once again, maybe downsizing the number of reputation types and focusing on quality is the way to go? In summary (tl;dr): * Make the main quest longer and more fleshed out, and cooperative with side quests if possible * Side quests should focus on quality; fewer but better, longer and more fleshed out side quests * Re-think or cut the stronghold * Cut wilderness areas and dungeons, make area design driven by quest design, more variety to areas in general * Factions need to be more omniprecent to work or replaced with something else (like individuals) to side with, personal reputation system needs to be more consistent That's all I can come up with now. Like I said, I really like PoE and will definetly back a sequal, so don't take this as me giving the game a negative review.
  8. I'd prefer real-time like the original, but don't mind this change. As long as the combat speed isn't too slow and the encounters aren't too long.
  9. XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Baldurs Gate 2 (GOG version). Enjoying the frick out of both of them!
  10. Novus AEterno: A true AAA MMORTS My friend is working in this project, so please consider backing it!
  11. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have a party related question as well. I'm currently playing through the game for the first time and trying to figure out what party I should roll with. I currently have the "canon party" (Minsc, Khalid, Jaheira, Imoen and Dynaheir) and I'm playing as a fighter myself. Will this suffice or should I try to get another mage/cleric/etc into the party? I'm still very early in the game, just finished the Nashkeel Mines and I'm at lvl 2.
  12. I think it has been made pretty clear that a new Obsidian Fallout would stick to the american west coast area. And I don't think "New Vegas 2" literally means it will take place in Vegas again.
  13. Thank you for the replies. Looks like I could use some more hints though (but don't make it too easy):
  14. *BUMP* So, quick question (potential spoiler!) - is it possible to gain knowledge about Ravel without joining the sensates? I'd prefer a straight yes/no answer to avoid any spoilers. I've really gotten into the game now, altough I've been on a bit of a break in order to play other stuff.
  15. So, I made it back into the catacombs but I'm still very week. I'm a mage now, trained by Mebbeth, and my only offensive spell (chromatic orb) is currently limited to one use a day, meaning I'm forced to resort to using my fists and getting my ass handed to me by rats as a result. And I can't find anywhere to rest in the area. What should I do? Man, I haven't felt so bad at a game in a long time. ;_;
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