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Found 12 results

  1. I am a Fig backer and would like to know if there is a way to upgrade your Fig pledge. I've tried looking on the Fig website multiple times but can't find any option to do it. I know there is a slacker backer option available, but from my understanding that is only possible if you haven't pledged yet. I'm mainly looking for options to pay for extra addons of my pledge, like beta test , DLCs, obsidian shirt, cookbook, etc. Is this still possible?
  2. I purchased the early access edition 4 days ago on the backer portal. I received an emailed receipt form support at obsidian but no other information. The pledge does not show on my managed products, butt does for previous orders. I have attempted to contact obsidian through both their email and facebook. Does anyone know what the usual turn around time is for processing pledges from the backer portal?
  3. This is just so bizarre. I know that I pledged $287 at the $199 level, but I can't find any record of it. When I log into Fig, it does not show up under my pledges. I got no confirmation in my email from either Fig or Stripe or Obsidian. But, yesterday, when I navigated to Fig from my phone, it showed that I backed it at $287. But I was not logged in! After I logged into Fig, that pledge disappeared and there was no more record of it. I cannot get back to that page, even after logging out of Fig. I wish I had taken a screenshot. What the heck is going on? Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? I will re-pledge if need be, but I don't want to accidentally get charged twice.
  4. The higher tiers of the Kickstarter pledges and some of the pledge addons we could get lists a "Kickstarter Exclusive In-Game Pet." and "Kickstarter only in-game achievement and item." Do we have any idea what this item and pet is? I'm assuming it isn't the giant miniature space piglet and Gaun's Pledge item seeing as those are available to all simply by pre-ordering. But I have no experience with kickstarted games' business practice, or Obsidian's for that matter, so not sure what to think.
  5. Hi there! When managing my pledge I get the option of buying a digital download of the expansion pack (20 dollars). Now I'm sure this game will be great (I'm waiting on some sort of successor to BG for ages), but before I buy things I would like to know a little bit more about the things I'm buying. Yes, I can guess there will be a few extra characters, extra spells, items and quests and maybe an expanded or new story line. But is there some more information you guys (Obsidian) can give me? Thanks!
  6. Maybe someone here knows, why the Kickstarter update screenshot shows the Boxed Copy for $50, when it was $65 during Kickstarter (and still is on my pledge page)? The Digital Collector's Edition, on the other hand, is more expensive now: I payed $80 ($65 + $15 for shipping) during kickstarter for a boxed copy, and now people that just joined can buy the same for less? I want to support the game, but I feel I'm just losing $15 here for no reason. I already sent a message to Obsidian yesterday, but got no reply....
  7. First of all apologies if this is elsewhere I couldn't find an answer through search. Is it possible to increase my pledge at this time? During the Kickstarter I gave what I could afford, but now I can give more. I am currently on the $50 tier plus OOoE. If possible I would jump to $110 tier plus OOoE.
  8. Start of old thread End of old thread Stretch Goal 1 (achieved) 1 Post. This thread was created Stretch Goal 2 21 Posts. This thread gets a new page Stretch Goal 3 500+ Posts. This thread gets a sequel
  9. Please notice: this thread and the polls are designed only for members of the Obsidian Order of Eternity, so please don't vote if you're not a member! If you're not a member yet feel free to join us for the small membership fee of $8 which you have to add to you current kickstarter pledge. Then you can choose a title like "..... of the Obisidian Order" and introduce yourself in our Obsidian Order thread: http://forums.obsidi...nts-you-part-2/ Dear brothers and sisters of the Obsidian Order of Eternity! At the time I write this post our order counts already more than 200 members which is more than we have ever dreamt of at the time this order was initiated. Thank you all for joining us and contributing to our cause to support Obsidian in any way possible to make Project Eternity the best classical RPG ever! With the growing size of the Order I thought that the time has come to ask you about your opinion on various questions concerning the Obsidian Order. So I started this thread to give you - the members of the Obsidian order - the possibility to voice your feelings and opinions. Please vote in the polls and write additional remarks in the posts of this thread. Thank you. There are more questions in the second part of the survey: http://forums.obsidi...y-polls-part-2/ Hail to the Order!
  10. I was browsing the possible pledges (again) and it struck me that if the 1000$ tier that allows a backer to name and design an NPC sells out, Obsidian will have to put 200 fan-made NPCs in the game. That is a staggering amount; in fact there are many RPGs out there that don’t have as many NPCs in the entire game. I was wondering therefore how they’ll solve this from a design point of view. It seems to me that it’s impossible to create so many unique NPCs and also give them a unique thing to do, i.e. a quest. So will people have to accept that their character will be a villager; a trader; a tavern guest rather than a quest NPC? The alternative is quite impossible unless Obsidian’s developers start replacing all of their own quest NPCs with fan-made candidates that more or less fit the profile. I’m not saying this to question or cast doubt on this pledge reward by the way: if I’d design a character and see him or her end up telling my hero a line or two of lore in some cosy inn, I’d be perfectly contented. After all, expecting them to become a major villain or wise mentor that counsels the player throughout the game just isn’t very realistic. No, I’m just interested to see how these fan-made NPCs will be handled throughout the development of Project Eternity and would welcome your opinions on the matter.
  11. Seems to me many of us are expecting a relatively rich game with a lot of features that take time to develop. Also I've seen many warnings about possible bugs and a rough-edged final product. I believe it's best to wait for a great final product and I think that April 2014 is a very short deadline to implement the features a game like this should have now that 10 years have passed since the last great isometric cRPG from these guys. Add-ons are ok, but they usually feel insufficient. I think the deadline should be flexible if Obsidian reaches the budget of a large scale cRPG. I also think some of the stretch goals beyond 2.4million (or more, depending on the stretch goals already set) should be based on the most voted/replied topics of this forum. The base funding has already been reached, and there are already a lot of interesting and relevant polls that I hope Obsidian will address to.
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