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  1. As a real BG fan I find it highly insulting when someone who's so obviously rubbish at this game also considers themselves a BG fan. This game is far from hard and if you can't grasp how the classes work I can't imagine how you've ever gotten through BG or any other Infinity game. The chanter is actually several times better than a bard from BG who can't perform any action without cancelling the bard song...
  2. Seeing as there are hats/helmets with stats, I think we should be able to enchant the regular ones too. That or remove the enchants from headgear alltogether. "All or nothing" basically.
  3. This one was much too obvious really. But even though people somehow didn't seem to notice, it didn't really provoke any reactions ("zomg, human males have the best selection, are you on drugs?!?"), so it was a semi-failure.
  4. Agreed, it should. Sure was a handy way of filtering out the backer NPCs though. Back to hitting Tab all the time and ignoring any godlike NPC.
  5. Aw. That's a shame. Haven't really looked at my rep, guess it may be down in the gutter then... Ugh, why isn't there an option to have those NPCs' golden name tags always on display? Offing them was such a handy alternative.
  6. Cyberpunk utopia? What the hell are you on about? It'll be a regular utopia. Everyone knows cyberpunk tends to have wild and unusual clothing and colours, so mismatched socks would fit better than matched ones. Regardless I, for one, welcome the single sock slot with its matched pairs. Symmetry is the way to go. Symmetry is order. Symmetry fosters peace. Your desire for mismatching sock pairs would cause anarchy, zombie plagues and war.
  7. I saw something in the game that offended me. I also encountered a bug. Therefore the only logical conclusion can be that PoE is a horrible game and Obsidian are all evil people.
  8. I haven't tried to replace or add any voice sets yet since I'm too lazy to figure out which filename corresponds to what line of dialogue (seems Rokem did, good job!), but I removed the female Sinister voice set and it hasn't caused any problems.
  9. BGII is indeed an improvement over the first game, though the biggest difference was vastly superior mechanics and since they're even on that front in the EEs, you may as well start on the first game. The party member interaction isn't half as good as in the sequel, but the freedom of exploration has a lot going for it and the story won't make much sense if you start at the second game. Pillars of Eternity might be a much better idea than the Baldur's Gates though. It has the same feel to it and the mechanics are easier to grasp. If you decide to go with Baldur's Gate though, do yourse
  10. The Kickstarter backer who wrote that short poem must be swelling with pride now that people are considering him an "artist"
  11. It could, but it's not. Someone should just make Politics: The Game allready and shove all that stuff in there. Then RPGs could focus on what they're supposed to; murdering orc civilizations due to their different world view and ethics, while looting all their axes to sell them off for 1 gold each.
  12. Any sale outside of the Kickstarter donations should basically be profit. Paradox and Goodoldgames takes a cut of course, steam an even bigger one, but overall each sale is good for them. And there's a lot of sales...
  13. In my quest to remove a voice set from one of my party members I've finally tracked down the location of the player voice files. They're in the \Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\audio\vocalization\vo wav files\player folder. By listening to the files and noting which says what it should be possible to put together a naming convention list for custom sound sets. There is also what appears to be sound set folders at \Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\audio\vocalization\vo assets\ but those are all empty... maybe they're akin to the IE games' override folder?
  14. You're probably doing something wrong, though I can't guess what. That area isn't particularily hard if you just focus on one enemy at a time. I went there with 2 companions plus the one you can pick up there at level 3, and didn't really have any problems. Just focus on one enemy, in particular the wisp that casts confuse.
  15. Cost me half as much as a regular game release tends to and is, so far, a fantastic game. So no, it's worth my pledge. It's worth far more.
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