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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everbody, i want to ask if there is any way to unlock the godlike helmet slot. I have tried to look in gamedata but couldn't find anything.
  2. Here's a simple guide to get a helmet for your Godlike character. You need to have the ability to change your race. To do this, you'll need either the paid Cheat Happens trainer or a free Cheat Engine table for Pillars of Eternity. Google is your friend. As far as I know, console commands can't change race, but if they can then that should work as well. Step 1: Get the trainer or Cheat Engine working. Step 2: Change your race to any non-godlike race. This will not change your appearance, but it will unlock the helmet slot. Step 3: Equip any helmet. Step 4: Change your race back to your original Godlike race. The helmet slot will be locked out, but you are still wearing the hat, and gain all it's bonuses. Please Note: Parts of the Godlike head is actually "hair", so most hats and helmets remove those excotic parts. Horns are always part of the head, and remain visible. Thankfully the Death Godlike growths are part of the "hair". Death Godlikes have red eyes and it seems that their faces are complete, even though we were never meant to see them. Ears on the other hand are incorrectly flesh colored. Flavor text: Fire Godlikes will always have horns poking out from the helmet, but that doesn't bother me. I think my elf bodied female Fire Godlike looks rather cute in that hood. And if your worried about going against the established lore, you could imagine that the hood on your Fire Godlike is made from fire retardant cloth, and that there are holes for the horns to stick out. Originally I wanted to play a human looking Death Godlike, and created a human character and then changed my race and added the Death Godlike ability, and this seemed to work. Unfortunately, since leveling your character is a variation of the chracter creation, it automatically changes your appearance to the correct race. I think you could circumvent this by always changing your race back to human before leveling your character, to keep your human appearance, and afterwards change back to Godlike. Why Would You Do This: Quite frankly, most of the Godlike heads are not pleasant to look at. Compare that rather attractive female Fire Godlike portrait to the actual heads, and you'll see the point that quite many have made. Or maybe you'd like to get the helmet bonuses, for gameplay purposes. Anyway, this is basically cheating. Sometimes, mods just aren't the answer.
  3. When I discover the temple of Woedica, I can't wear the Woedica hood asI am a Cipher, and no way to fight all the ennemies. Too strong for me. Any idea?
  4. I remember when I first started playing this game and I found my first helm and noticed two things: 1. It had no Damage Reduction contribution despite being a metal helm. 2. It could not be enchanted. I then came to the conclusion that, like pets, helms and hoods and whatever else you put on your head were essentially cosmetic items in this game. A few hours later I come across the The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil Helm in the Temple of Eothas with its +1 to Resolve and Perception. Later on, I am trying to justify putting the Hermit's Hat on my Cipher for its +1 to Might while trying not to hurl at the sight of it. I hope you can see the problem here. I am now in a good position, with a large stockpile of resources and the ability to turn any piece of armor into great gear. Yet despite the ability to buff even normal Dyrewood Clothing to Exceptional status and grace it with all sort of enchants I am yet relegated to parceling out a rag-tag assortment of helms and hats that are the only ones in the game I can find with any stats. I just think this is silly; we have a great helm that looks awesome on Edér but I have to opt instead for a hood that increases perception but is meant for a stealthy character because that is all I have for him. It does not have to be game breaking, and I can indeed go without even putting a helm on anyone for the whole game. But I just want the same range of choices for what goes on my character's head as I do for his or her chest armor & clothing. Basically, headgear is a big deal and at present it feels like an incomplete feature in the game. What do you guys think?
  5. Dear Obsidian, First I would like to thank you for doing a tremendous job by creating this game. I have started playing with it, and soon I got some queries that I partly can understand. This is a CRPG, and I should comprehend (and I do) the fact that this is a game and a game should have balance and not always close to reality. However to represent a simple example, making basic armor (e.g. padded, scale, mail) prices the same (i.e 300 when i wanted to buy) is getting too 'game-ish' or moreover smartphone and tablet alike 'feature'. I know it is a nuisance, but can you set the pricing a bit more RPG-related and less 'math based balanced'? Secondly why do basic (i.e. not enhanced) helmets have no bonuses? There is no point of buying one then (unless you want to customize your character's look). At least bonus against criticals please! (OMG it may affect the holy balance!) You implemented bonuses where it was unnecessary or that made the game more android-like. (E.G. food, sleeping in special rooms - IMO these are overrated (give too much bonus), and are killing the RPG feeling). Last but not least, I loved the idea in your previous masterpiece - Arcanum - where you gave slight but useful bonuses to different clothes. That was indeed a good touch and increased the rpg effect. Why didn't you implement it here? A shiny armor or a noble wear should make you different when talking with NPC's. What a fun that would be when I should convince a rebelling peasant and I have negative starting bonuses in the conversation because of my look. That's an rpg element! And there are plenty other things to be added (culture, class, race, background, appeal, etc). It is up to you if you are planning a Baldur's Gate Lite for Android/IOS or a real Obsidian-made RPG.
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